“What I Would Not Part With” – Honoring Resilience And Remontancy By Bruce Jennings

"What I Would Not Part With" - Honoring Resilience And Remontancy By Bruce Jennings

Often, the suffering or the loss of a loved one shatters your soul, making you drown in grief and despair. Finding the courage and strength to pick up the pieces and move on with life seems an arduous and impossible task. However, what you forget is that by hurting yourself, you not only compound your own pain but also dishonor the essence of the person you lost. By perpetuating the cycle of suffering, you tarnish their memory and disregard the love they gave you. One should strive to find healing and carry the spirit of the lost one in a positive way, is a message that Bruce Jennings gives in his poignant and deeply moving collection of poems, “What I Would Not Part With.”

As Bruce takes readers on an extraordinary journey of love, loss, and remarkable resilience, his heartfelt and soul-stirring words explore the emotional landscape of moving forward after the death of a loved one. “What I Would Not Part With” reflects the idea that some things, even in the wake of loss, remain eternally cherished and held close to the heart. 

The poems in the book recount Bruce Jennings’s journey through caregiving during his wife’s debilitating illness and the subsequent years of grief following her passing. Jennings, known for his expertise in healthcare ethics and writing on death and dying, turns his literary talents to capture the raw, unfiltered emotions and experience of loss. 

While grief is a constant companion in these verses, the poems are equally about remontancy, the surprising emergence of new life and the recognition of continued existence. They offer glimpses of resilience, renewal and the enduring power of love. The book is an evocative reminder that life continues to unfold even after profound loss. The poems provide solace, healing, and a sense of shared humanity for those who have experienced the complexities of caregiving and bereavement. Each verse holds out hope and offers a connection to Bruce’s journey, inviting readers to find meaning and comfort in their own experience. 

“What I Would Not Part With” hints at the healing power of poetry. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to navigate the challenging path of grief and find the strength to move forward while preserving the essence of what they would never part with. Place your order now for this remarkable book which is available on the author’s website and Amazon. For more information, please visit https://brucejennings.org/

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