What does the patch cord on each sensor of the car represent?

In today’s society, the application of sensors has penetrated into people’s lives.

In today’s society, the application of sensors has penetrated into people’s lives. The sensor is a commonly used device, which mainly plays the role of information form conversion, most of which convert other forms of signals into electrical signals for better detection and monitoring. As the information source of the automobile electronic control system, the automobile electronic control system converts various operating conditions of the vehicle operation into signal signals and transmits them to the central control unit, so that the engine is in good working condition. The internal combustion engine, the chassis, the body control system, and the navigation system are all locations where car sensors can play a role; car sensors can also detect the running state of the car to improve driving safety and comfort.

According to the size of the object to be measured, automotive sensors can be divided into temperature, pressure, flow, gas concentration, speed, luminosity, distance, etc. According to the scope of application, it can be divided into engine, chassis, body, navigation system, etc. According to the output signal, there are analog signals and digital signals. Divided according to functions, there are control vehicle running status, and vehicle performance and working status. In the following, we will introduce sensors for automotive control and automotive performance detection sensors by function.

There are two types of shaft speed position sensors: magnetoelectric type and Hall type. There are two types of magnetic induction type, two-wire system and three-wire system. The two-wire system is the signal line to connect to the ECU. The three-wire system has two signal lines and the other is the signal shielding line. The Hole type is a three-wire system, two form the power supply circuit, and the other forms the signal line.

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