What determines the weight of a counterweight?

The weight of the balance block is determined by the imbalance of the wheel.

When the wheel is rotated at high speed, due to manufacturing processes, tire wear or other factors, it may cause no weight in a certain part of the wheel. This imbalance generates vibration when the wheel is rotated, affecting driving stability and comfort.

In order to eliminate the imbalance of the wheel, it is necessary to add a balance block on the wheel. The weight of the balance block is determined according to the amount of imbalance of the wheel. The wheel balancing machine can measure the imbalance of the wheel and indicate the weight and position of the balance block that needs to be added. The weight of the balance block is usually based on grams, and different weight balance blocks can be selected according to specific imbalances. In general, the weight of the balanced block will be as close as possible to the imbalance of the wheel to achieve the best balance effect.

When installing a balance block, it is necessary to ensure that they are properly mounted in the specified position on the wheel to ensure that the wheel can be balanced when rotating. The installation position and quantity of the balance block can also affect the balance of the wheel, so it is necessary to operate by a professional automotive maintenance technician. It should be noted that the balance of the wheel should be regularly inspected and corrected, especially when replacing the tire, repair tires or traveling processes.

A good wheel can not only improve the comfort and safety of driving, but also extend the life of the tire. If people have any questions about the balance of the wheel, it is recommended to consult a professional automotive maintenance agency.


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