What are the main technological processes of stainless steel nameplates?

What are the main technological processes of stainless steel nameplates? What should we pay attention to in the production? Let’s follow the custom nameplate manufacturer — Weihua to understand:

1. Technological process of stainless steel nameplate:

small metal name plates pretreatment – screen printing light imaging corrosion resistance electroplating ink – pre-drying – exposure – development – retouching – post drying – chemical or electrochemical corrosion – back film – paint filling – protective film-forming.

2. Operation tips for stainless steel nameplate:

(1) Screen printing light imaging corrosion-resistant electroplating ink is an important process. Ink viscosity adjustment, mixing, static, printing technology related to the ink exposure effect and corrosion resistance. Ink is too thin, exposure, development, the ink will become thinner, so will be less resistant to internal corrosion, after the retreat of the film layout will appear irregular or mesh pitting; Ink is too thick, to pre-drying, exposure, development, revision, film and other processes to increase the workload, resulting in a lot of waste, but also affect the quality of the production of signs.

(2) the production of the film with high transparency film making a film, consider whether draft graphics and text on the stroke of the thickness after exposure, development, etching after slightly thinner tendency, this will make it difficult to fill after paint jobs, it does not affect the overall layout of the effect under the premise of can be appropriate will film graphics and text strokes bold a bit, make the necessary corrections.

(3) Ink perception and development: choose the right exposure equipment, the light source to high-pressure mercury and metal halogen lamp is preferred, UV light energy meter or light gradient scale to measure the exposure energy.

(4) etching, etching stainless steel plate can be used light, high concentrations of FeCI ₃ etching liquid, the appropriate proportion between 38 to 42 Baume degree.

The etching is a key process. The concentration, temperature, and time of the etching solution affect each other and affect the depth of etching on the layout. The relationship between them should be well-coordinated to ensure that the layout graphics and text are full and complete after etching.

(5) Paint filling: etched stainless steel signs can be filled with various colors after neutralization by ink and dilute nitric acid and drying.

The above is about the production of photosensitive, etching stainless steel name plate; Find a custom nameplate maker for WEIHUA.

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