What Are The Different Types Of Printing On Socks?

Generally speaking, socks are divided into two categories based on pattern, one is solid color socks, and the other is colored socks with patterns,like prints on socks. In order to attract more customers’ attention, people often work hard on the colors and graphics of socks. So how are the current beautiful colorful patterned socks customized?

1.The most traditional way is jacquard

The advantage of traditional jacquard is that it is low cost and suitable for socks of various materials. But it can not be compared with socks printer by socks printing machine in many places.This jacquard method is only suitable for mass production. Generally, the minimum order quantity for jacquard craftsmanship is high and is not suitable for small batch personalized customization.

In addition, the jacquard process has many limitations:

1. Color variety is limited. Don’t have too many colors.

2. Gradient effect cannot be achieved.

3. The jacquard process is not very friendly to the back of the fabric.

Usually, if the color is slightly more, the threads on the back of the fabric will be dazzling. Seriously affects the touch. In particular, people’s requirements for infant socks are extremely high, and the threads behind jacquard socks pose certain hidden dangers to the health of infants and young children.

2.Highly personalized tie-dye

Tie-dyeing is highly personalized, and the dyed socks have their own unique colors. It can only be accepted by a very small number of people, because it is difficult to make two socks with similar patterns made by this process. The selection of flower patterns is also very simple. The colors should not be too rich. Generally, there is only one color. If you buy more than one sock, it will not exceed 3 or 4 colors. It is not suitable for mass production. In addition, tie-dyeing can only be used to make socks made of cotton. Socks made of other materials cannot be made using tie-dying technology.It is not like the sock printing machine, which can printing on socks on any material.

3.Sublimation transfer printing on socks
This is to first print the designed sock pattern on the heat transfer paper, and then use a pressing machine to press the heat transfer paper pattern onto the socks. Advantages: bright colors and high definition. Disadvantages: There will be seams on both sides of the socks, which affects the appearance. After the socks are stretched, the white bottom yarn will easily be exposed, which will look inferior. This process is only suitable for polyester materials and cannot be transferred to other fabrics at all. Therefore, not all socks are suitable for sublimation transfer printing. This process has limitations.

4.Screen printed socks
The designed pattern  prints on socks through screen printing. The main advantages of this printing method are low cost and few operating procedures. However, silkscreen socks have a single color and the printed patterns are hard, as if there is a layer of glue on the surface of the socks, which seriously affects the breathability of the socks. In addition, after several times of washing, the pattern printing on socks will easily peel off from the fabric surface, seriously affecting the appearance.

5.360 seamless digital socks printing
Socks printed with sock printer,Aside from the slightly higher cost, there are few other disadvantages to this process.1. The colors are rich and colorful. As long as the colors on the design drawing are available, they can any  prints on socks through a socks printer. 2. Sock printing machine can print gradient colors and transition colors. This cannot be achieved in other processes.3. The minimum order quantity is small, one pair can be printed, and no board production fee is required. Wholesale socks for printing truly achieve personalized customization.4. Many fabrics can be printed, and different fabrics match different inks. Now our socks printing machine can print cotton, polyester, bamboo fiber, wool, nylon, etc. Basically covers the main materials of socks.5. Water-based ink printing for socks printing, safe and healthy, suitable for anyone.6. Socks printing by socks printer have high color fastness and will not fade after being worn for a long time.7. Printing on socks, stylish and stylish, not easy to be confused with images. It is the new favorite of young people.  8. In a market where low-end socks are priced at high prices, prints on socks are highly competitive. The retail prices in European and American markets are above US$10/pair.Purchasing a set of socks printing machine equipment can make objective profits in the market and pay back the investment in a short time.
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