What are the broad usages of Silver Nanoparticles

The most widely silver nanoparticles uses is its anti-bacterial and anti-virus, various additives in the paper, plastics, textiles for anti-bacterial anti-virus. About 0.1% of nano layered nano-silver inorganic antibacterial powder has strong inhibition and killing effect on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and other dozens of pathogenic microorganism. As a new anti-infection products, it has a broad spectrum, no drug resistance, is not affected by PH value and antibacterial durable, not easy to be oxided, and so on. Silver nanoparticles is successfully used in construction, the protection of cultural relics, medical products.

Silver nanoparticles antibacterial mechanism mainly has the following several aspects:

1. the effective ingredients of antibacterial fiber effect on the cell membrane proteins. It can directly destroy bacteria cell membrane, cause cell contents leaking. Silver nanoparticles are adsorbed on cell membrane to block bacteria and other microorganisms growth, namely, nano silver can stop bacteria to absorb essential nutrients such as amino acid, uracil, thereby inhibit its growth.

2. antibacterial fabrics surface releases a certain wavelength range of far infrared ray, which inhibit the activity of the bacteria, killing bacteria.

3. surface catalytic effect of silver nanoparticles, affect the normal metabolism of bacteria and normal breeding to kill bacteria.

Dispersion of silver nanoparticles is generally recommended that adding surfactants and mechanical dispersion method combine, it will achieve more dispersion effect. You can use supersonic jet mill depolymerize and surface modification for silver nanoparticles powder.Our most commonly used surface modification include PVP, oleic acid, etc.

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