What are the advantages of folding containers in the market?


With the diversification of folding containers, products with more performance have appeared in the public eye. In addition to the traditional fully enclosed containers, new foldable containers have also quietly appeared in the corners of major cities and are favored by people.


1. Low-occupancy space

In the case of folding, the height and volume of an ordinary container are several times that of a folded container. Folding containers can save storage space and storage space, thereby saving storage costs and operating costs, and making on-site operations more convenient and safer. The foldable container has passed the certification of the “World Container Safety Treaty” and the “World Standardization Arrangement” to meet the relevant requirements for tightness.

2. Easy to load and unload

The four-in-one loading and unloading and transportation can be completed after the folding container is folded, which greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading and transportation. When dispatching empty inland containers, larger containers are usually selected. The larger the size of the container, the fewer containers there will be each trailer. However, if the buyer choose a foldable container trailer, the towing efficiency will be greatly improved. The high probability of loss or theft caused by more detachable parts of the packaging box results in higher rated costs for the rental company, and may result in failure of the container setup and lower security.

3. Low cost

The fixed cost of the folding container is low, the planning of the ordinary container is chaotic, and the output value is small, which causes the cost of the folding container to be several times higher than that of the folded container shortly after commissioning. The fixed cost of an ordinary container is several times the fixed cost of a folded container. In an environment of uncertain expected economic benefits and a downturn in the shipping industry, low fixed costs have become one of the main factors in the development of folding containers.

Through the above introduction, Vanhe believe that Vanhe should have a certain understanding of container house. Foldable containers have received such a enthusiastic response, thanks to their unique advantages, and the use of container materials is also very economical, adapting to the current development trend of China’s green economy.

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