What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Turf For Roof Greening?

It is commonly believed that everyone wants to live in an environment full of green, and the cultivation of natural green plants requires more conditions and costs. Therefore, many people turn their attention to artificial green plants and buy some fake flowers and fake green plants to decorate the interior, combined with a few pots of real green plants, to create a spring-filled green scene. Owners with roofs will think of roof greening and artificial turf. So what are the advantages of greening artificial turf on the roof? Some owners may not know it yet, so let me give you a detailed introduction.


Better security 

Artificial turf for roof greening is better in terms of safety. You must know that planting natural turf requires adding soil. Calculated based on 10 centimeters of soil, the weight per square meter must reach about 10 kilograms. In this way, the roof needs a larger load-bearing capacity. Yes, and long-term large load-bearing capacity can easily lead to structural deformation of the house, posing safety risks. It will be even more dangerous if there is an earthquake. Therefore, the country has high requirements for natural greening on roofs. Owners must go through strict approval, which is relatively more troublesome. For safety reasons, it is more appropriate to lay artificial turf. Under the same data parameters, the load-bearing capacity is less than half of that of natural lawn.


Maintain a good dry living space environment 

As we all know, natural lawns require water to grow, and owners need to water their lawns frequently. Over time, water can easily enter the indoor roof, which will turn black and moldy, thus affecting the beauty of the indoor space. In addition, a humid living environment can easily cause physical diseases to the owners, which can be said to have many disadvantages. Artificial turf is different. When it is laid, small holes will be left for drainage, so that rainwater will not accumulate when it rains and the room will stay dry. 

No need to worry about pest infestation 

Although natural lawns can release oxygen through photosynthesis, they are also prone to breeding insects and ants, among which ants can corrode the main structure of the house, causing damage to the strength of the house and posing greater safety risks. Mosquitoes can bite people, which is harmful to people’s health. Natural lawns are different. They do not breed pests such as mosquitoes. They are environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and harmless. In addition, artificial turf for roof greening also has the characteristics of low maintenance cost. There is no need for fertilization, watering, insect removal, etc. It only needs simple cleaning every once in a while. The maintenance cost is basically zero. What’s more, it can be used regularly all year round. green.

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