What are SILIKE PFAS-free polymer processing aids (PPA)?


Polymer processing aids (PPAs) are indispensable in optimizing the performance of polyolefin films and extrusion processes, particularly in blown film applications. They serve crucial functions such as eliminating melt fractures, improving film quality, enhancing machine throughput, and minimizing die-lip build-up. Traditionally, PPAs have heavily relied on fluoropolymer chemistry for their efficacy.

However, the utilization of fluoropolymers has faced scrutiny due to their categorization as PFAS materials (per or poly- fluoroalkyl substances). Recent regulatory actions, such as the proposed total ban on PFAS and fluoropolymers in the latest REACH dossier of February 2023, have intensified the pressure on brand owners to seek alternatives devoid of PFAS. This has led to a concerted effort among polyethylene resin producers and film converters to explore PFAS-free options for flexible packaging applications in response to market and legislative demands.

The Emergence of PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) Solutions:

In the pursuit of sustainable manufacturing practices, the shift towards PFAS-free polymer processing aids is both imperative and inevitable. By embracing these alternatives, industries can uphold their commitment to environmental responsibility, protect human health, and meet the evolving demands of consumers and regulatory authorities. It’s time to bid farewell to PFAS and embrace a future of cleaner, safer, and more sustainable polymer processing.

Enter the era of PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA)

These groundbreaking alternatives offer a compelling solution: the ability to achieve superior film quality without compromising on environmental integrity. Companies like Ampacet and Techmer PM have joined the movement by introducing PFAS-free polymer processing aids, showcasing performance on par with fluoro-based PPAs in blown film extrusion across various end-use applications However, SILIKE emerges as an innovative force in this evolution, its SILIMER PFAS-free polymer processing aids offer comparable or even superior performance to traditional fluoro-based PPA’s, all while eliminating the risks associated with PFAS.

Notably, SILIMER PFAS-free polymer processing aids are compliant for food contact, expanding its versatility across various applications. They effectively eliminate melt fracture, reduce die buildup, and enhance throughput, minimizing downtime and promoting efficiency across multiple conversion processes. Whether it’s cable, pipe, blown or cast film extrusion, or even petrochemical, fiber, and monofilament extrusion.

By embracing SILIKE’s innovative PFAS-Free PPAs, polyethylene resin producers and film manufacturers gain access to a host of benefits. From heightened productivity to superior product quality and enhanced processing efficiency, SILIMER unlocks new possibilities while ensuring a sustainable future for the industry.

What are SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA)?

SILIMER series products are PFAS-free polymer processing aids (PPA) which were researched and developed by Chengdu Silike. Crafted to meet the evolving needs of the industry while upholding sustainability goals,

This series of products are modified polysiloxane products, with properties of polysiloxane and the polar effect of the modified group, the products will migrate to the equipment surface, to work as a polymer processing aid(PPA). with a small addition, the melting flow, processability, and lubricity of the resin can effectively be improved as well as eliminate melt fracture, greater wear resistance, smaller friction coefficient, extend equipment cleaning cycle, shorten downtime, and higher output and a better products surface, a perfect choice to replace fluorine-based PPA. This article explores the key benefits of SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) for film processing and their wide-ranging applications in various extrusion processes.

Key Benefits of SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) in the film extrusion for multiple end-use applications include:

1. Reduced Melt Fracture: SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) act as effective lubricants, minimizing interfacial tension between the polymer melt and processing equipment. This results in smoother flow behavior, reducing melt fracture and enhancing the surface finish of extruded films.

2. Enhanced Processing Stability: By mitigating die build-up and melt instabilities, SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) contribute to greater processing stability, ensuring consistent production rates and reduced downtime for equipment maintenance.

3. Improved Optical Clarity: SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) help eliminate surface defects such as sharkskin and melt lines, leading to films with superior optical clarity and surface smoothness. This is particularly advantageous for applications requiring high visual quality, such as packaging films and display materials.

4. Increased Output Rates: The enhanced processing efficiency provided by SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) allows for higher throughput rates, resulting in increased productivity and reduced production costs per unit of film.

5. SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) no interference with surface treatment (printing and laminating)

6. SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) no effect on sealing integrity of film

Applications of SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) in Film Production:

SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) diverse applications across various film extrusion processes, including but not limited to:

Packaging Films: for food packaging, industrial packaging, and shrink films.

Construction Films: for vapor barriers, geomembranes, and protective covers.

Specialty Films: for optical films, display films, and electronic components.


With the introduction of SILIKE PFAS-Free Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) polyethylene resin producers and film manufacturers now have access to a sustainable alternative that delivers exceptional performance while complying with environmental regulations. By leveraging the benefits of SILIKE’s innovative PFAS-free PPAs, manufacturers can achieve higher productivity, improved product quality, and enhanced processing efficiency, driving progress in the film industry while ensuring a sustainable future.

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