What are gold fingers PCB | Classification and identification of goldfinger and features

Definition and function of gold finger:

PCB gold fingers: (Gold Finger or the Edge Connector) insert the Connector into a PCB card slot, with the Connector plug as PCB exports of foreign connection, make the bonding pad or copper contact with the corresponding position of splice feet to achieve the purpose of conducting, and bonding pad on the PCB this or copper plating nickel and Gold, for into Finger shape so called Gold Finger.

Gold was chosen because of its superior conductivity and oxidation resistance, wear resistance, but because of the high cost of gold so only used in gold finger and other local gold plating.


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Classification and identification of goldfinger, features

Goldfinger classification:

1. Regular gold finger (flush finger):

 Rectangular welding pad of the same length and width arranged in a neat position at the edge of the board.

2. Long and short golden fingers (uneven golden fingers):

Rectangular welding pad with different lengths at the edge of the board.

3. Segmented goldfinger (discontinuous goldfinger):

 Rectangular welding pad with different lengths at the edge of the board, and disconnect the front section.

Features of goldfinger:

There is no character box and marking. The window is normally opened for welding resistance layer. Most shapes have grooves.

The part of the goldfinger that projects above or near the edge of the board. Some boards have gold fingers at both ends.

Normal goldfinger can be found on both sides, while some PCB boards only have single goldfinger.


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