What about rattan transportation? Transportation of rattan outdoor furniture

Customers purchase vintage outdoor furniture, in addition to order, production, inspection of these, after the completion of the goods, also need to transport to the customer’s destination.

1. Delivery mode of rattan outdoor furniture

For foreign customers, container loading and sea transportation are generally used to deliver to the destination port of customers. Moreover, the order volume of foreign customers is relatively large, all of which are loaded in the whole container. The whole container is filled with our rattan outdoor furniture. Therefore, there is basically no damage or loss of goods and there is no problem in transportation.

However, for domestic customers, the order volume is not so large, and the transportation is mostly by logistics or by the way of special line freight trucks. The bad thing about this kind of transportation is that the logistics companies, regardless of the heavy goods and light goods, are classified as the final destination. Sometimes, there will be problems with our iron outdoor furniture being squeezed and scratched by heavy goods, or the logistics company will transfer the lost goods.

2. Logistics of rattan outdoor furniture

Logistics is a third party. There will be errors in transportation. We can’t avoid it completely as an Outdoor Furniture manufacturer. However, customers need not worry. We will coordinate with logistics company to solve the problems and get your satisfactory reply.

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