WeThinkItMatters Inc. unveils Nonprofit-Fundraising PaaS & Advertising SaaS at CSR 5.0

“Fundraising Platform as a Service (PaaS) and CSR advertising Software as a Service (SaaS)”
WeThinkItMatters® cause-integrated marketing platform leverages corporate responsibility and user engagement to empower nonprofits. A revolutionary new media platform for rewarding people and nonprofits with money businesses spend advertising their CSR. WeThinkItMatters Inc. team members will share with other delegates at the influential CSR5.0 conference in San Francisco April 17th.

San Francisco – April 16, 2019 – WeThinkItMatters Inc., a revolutionary new media group has built a platform for rewarding people and nonprofits through businesses advertising their CSR. Two of WeThinkItMatters Inc. team members will have a presence at the influential CSR5.0 conference in San Francisco April 17th.  

WeThinkItMatters® advertising platform, WTIM.co, is a responsive AD technology that works on all devices, allowing members to raise funding for what matters to them with just a tap of the finger. In addition to earning rewards and chances to win cash prizes. Nonprofits receive free access to the fundraising  platform and have the opportunity to share their mission, and receive funding by participating in WeThinkItMatters® campaigns that are sponsored by businesses. The money for all this comes from businesses advertising the cause-integrated campaigns, offering businesses a great way to communicate CSR and authentically create funding for nonprofits at the same time.

“Research shows that people make purchasing decisions based on how responsibly they think businesses are using their resources,” says WeThinkItMatters Inc. founder Boone Bergsma. “We think spending advertising dollars on cause-integrated marketing campaigns that benefit nonprofits and people directly is a pretty compelling reason to use WeThinkItMatters®, and we’re excited to share that with Delegates at CSR 5.0 this year.”

CSR5.0 is a leading conference on Corporate Social Responsibility presented by Skytop Strategies. This year’s conference theme is “Responsibility as a Driver of Company Performance”. Delegates at CSR5.0 will learn from experts on topics like “Value Communication: Linking Sustainability to Corporate Strategy” and “How to Effectively Embed CSR into Employee and Community Engagement” in addition to other thought leadership relating to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Taking place at the NASDAQ ENTREPRENEURIAL CENTER  April 17th, WeThinkItMatters Inc. team members will have a opportunity to share with other delegates at CSR5.0 a way to improve their ROI on marketing expenses by advertising on WeThinkItMatters®.

CSR5.0 Conference is also a chance for WeThinkItMatters Inc. to build momentum as it prepares for to launch an impact investment seed round at ALTS Capital LP Souring Event in Beverly Hills on April 30th. WTIM.co recently completed the ALTS Capital’s 6 week online accelerator, and ALTS Capital will be helping WeThinkItMatters Inc. raise impact invest through their investor network. WeThinkItMatters Inc. is planning on using funds raised in its initial seed round to fully develop WTIM.co, hire key team members, and bring the cause-integrated advertising PaaS to the marketplace.

Boone Bergsma, founder of WeThinkItMatters Inc., is available for interviews regarding the upcoming launch of the WeThinkItMatters® platform and its upcoming impact investment seed round. To schedule an interview or meeting, contact Boone at b.bergsma@wethinkitmattersinc.com

About WeThinkItMatters®, Inc.:

Share positive stories. Increase nonprofit funding. Reward members. That is the core concept of WeThinkItMatters® Inc., a employee-owned and operated company producing cause marketing campaigns with positive ROI and life-changing impact. Businesses can raise money and awareness for nonprofits by advertising on WeThinkItMatters®. Companies pay to sponsor these uplifting cause-integrated marketing campaigns which provides the funds for nonprofits and people to win prizes for their participation.

For more information, go to www.WeThinkItMattersInc.com.

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