Wenzhou Waltfluid: Single Door Wafer Check Valve PN10-40

Short Description:

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Material: Stainless Steel

Connection Form: Flange

Nominal Pressure: PN10-40

Structure: SwingSize: 2″~12″


1. Investment Casting Body

2. Flange End: DIN PN10-40, ANSI 150Lb/300LB

3. Soft or Metal Sealing

4. Maximun Working Temperature:200 or 400°C

5. Inspection& Testing: API598



Introducing our latest innovation in valve technology, the Single Door Wafer Check Valve. Designed to meet the demands of various industries, this valve is a reliable and efficient solution for controlling the flow of fluids in pipelines. With its cutting-edge features and superior performance, it is sure to exceed your expectations.

The Single Door Wafer Check Valve comes with a compact design that allows for easy installation and space-saving characteristics. Its single door design ensures a unidirectional flow, preventing backflow and minimizing the risk of pipeline damage or system failure. This feature, coupled with its strong and durable construction, makes it suitable for both high and low-pressure applications.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Single Door Wafer Check Valve offers exceptional corrosion resistance and longevity, ensuring a long-lasting and trouble-free operation. The valve is also equipped with a precision-engineered disc, which provides a tight seal and minimizes leakage, maximizing the efficiency of your system.

With safety being a paramount concern, the Single Door Wafer Check Valve includes an integrated locking mechanism, preventing accidental opening and providing additional security. This feature is especially important in critical applications where the fluid’s integrity must be maintained at all times.

Furthermore, this valve is versatile and adaptable, compatible with various media and suitable for a wide range of temperatures. Whether you are working with water, gas, oil, or even aggressive chemicals, our Single Door Wafer Check Valve will deliver reliable and consistent performance.

we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why our Single Door Wafer Check Valve undergoes rigorous testing and quality control processes. Our team of experts ensures that each valve meets the highest standards and complies with industry regulations.

In conclusion, the Single Door Wafer Check Valve is an essential component for any fluid control system. Its efficient design, robust construction, and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for various industries. Experience the difference with our Single Door Wafer Check Valve and enjoy enhanced productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and peace of mind.


Body: CF8/CF8M

Nut: ASTM A194 B8

Gasket: SS304


Disc: SS304/SS316Lifeeye

Bolt: SS304

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