Wellness Coach, Sheila Brown’s, Latest Book ‘The Divine SelfQare Strategy’ Launched August 2022

Wellness Coach, Sheila Brown’s, Latest Book ‘The Divine SelfQare Strategy’ Launched August 2022
The Divine SelfQare Strategy: A Wellness Guide to Total Body Alignment by Sheila Brown
The Divine SelfQare Strategy is a coming of age book for the young generation to learn the ropes of natural health, feminine energy, and other ancestral gems of knowledge

Sheila Denise Brown, CEO Queendom Qare, recently announced the release of her third book titled “The Divine SelfQare Strategy: A Wellness Guide to Total Body Alignment,” which came out on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

The Divine SelfQare StrategyThe book dives deep into the well-known and well-loved coming of age genre, where the younger generation can use this book as a total guide to natural health and wellness.

With so much on the web about natural science and wellness, The Divine SelfQare Strategy becomes a reflective statement meant to raise questions about what natural wellness really means. Through themes such as the wealth of ancestral knowledge and reliance on natural modalities as gifted by the Divine, there is a lot for the readers to uncover.

The author, Sheila Denise Brown, a Wellness expert through and through, becomes the voice of a matriarch to help guide the youth on a path of natural appreciation and wellness. Her own venture, Queendom Qare serves as a proof-is-in-the-pudding establishment to help cement the Divine SelfQare she so carefully preaches in her new book.

Readers across the globe can benefit from this book to explore, learn, and adopt a better way living – one that is free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances. The idea is, and always has been, for the author to promote a natural health and wellness through the power found in natural elements, with extra care and emphasis on womb wellness, oral cleanse, as well as the head and feet.

All in all, the book is a manifestation of the saying, the body is a temple, complete with a crown, a throne, and pedestal for women who consider their bodies divine and sacred.

With the release “The Divine SelfQare Strategy”, the book will soon be available via retail and online at Amazon. The official book website is currently taking preorders for early copies: https://www.queendomqare.com/the-divine-selfqare-strategy/

Information on other books by Sheila Brown can be found at:  https://www.sheilabrownspeaks.com/cookbook/

Book trailer for The Divine SelfQare Strategy by Sheila Brown can be found here:

Divine SelfQare Strategy Book Trailer Video

Amazon link – https://www.amazon.com/Divine-SelfQare-Strategy-Wellness-Alignment-ebook/dp/B0B7WWR5BV

Sheila Brown - Author of The Divine SelfQare StrategyAbout the Author:

Sheila Brown, JD is the President of Queendom Qare, an online wellness shop providing custom products to promote the physical and spiritual aspects of Divine Health in women including vaginal steaming, eye, ear, and oral cleanses, as well as foot health.

Her core mission is to help women embrace Divine SelfQare as a responsible lifestyle. A lifestyle that is conducive to the fulfillment of one’s life purpose. Through this natural wellness strategy, women have the opportunity to become a sacred daughter of the Most High who is in tune with both, her mind and body.

Equipped with in-depth knowledge about Health & Wellness, Sheila is now a successful author of three books: The Divine SelfQare Strategy; Divinity Soup: An ancestor inspired recipe starring Collard Greens; and Sometimes Raw Sometimes Cooked: Always Divinely Prepared.

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Contact Person Name: Sheila Brown

Company: Queendom Qare

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Country: United States

Website: https://www.queendomqare.com

Phone: 301-388-5273

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