Welcome! New Author & Spooking Word Artist Marcus A. Ragsdale Releases His New Book

Marcus A. Ragsdale Releases His New Poetry Book Titled 16 Bars and Gets Good Reviews

Los Angeles, CA – March 30th, 2018 – I’ve been writing poems since age 19. When I first sat down to do poetry, my intention wasn’t to write a book, it was to relax my mind. I got to the point where I was writing four, five or even six different poems each day. When a year-and-a-half went by, I had all these poems and I decided I wanted to do something with a purpose. I needed something to change my life. I went for a walk one day and decided I was going to write a book.

But it’s not your typical chapter book it’s a book so unique that it almost feels like an album – or, more appropriately, a book of albums. In fact, I look at the project as a five-album career that encapsulates poems that tackle subject matter about anything from self-realization to building up the African American community.

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About Marcus A. Ragsdale

The longer you read and the deeper you get into my poetry, the more you’ll realize I’m a Black activist. You won’t get that on the surface, but you’ll eventually see it. At the end of the day I want people to get enjoyment from reading it and be entertained. So many people out there enjoy poetry. Even the ones who don’t like to read that much. I have created a book that’s open for everybody.

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