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July 12, 2017 – Marijuana has been scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits. It has been known to treat or alleviate cramps, depression, elevated eye pressure, fatigue, high blood pressure, insomnia, lack of appetite, spasm nausea, pains, seizures, stress and much more. Moreover, the recreational use of marijuana is also comparatively more harmless than other recreational drugs and alcohol. Often times when doctors prescribe medical marijuana for patients they find it difficult to locate where to buy. Well this is about to change with WeedMenu amazing platform

WeedMenu owns the world’s largest cannabis directory; an online marketing application that allows businesses to market directly to app users.

WeedMenu harbors latest and accurate listings for its users and a great opportunity for suppliers to reach their market. This app will reduce the drudgery of running around in fear trying to get medicinal marijuana. The app will also list doctors, suppliers and will feature new brands in the industry.  This is of a tremendous benefit to patients, doctors, and suppliers worldwide.

The Mexican Congress has recently approved a bill for the legalization of medicinal marijuana and the bill has allowed Mexican farmers to cultivate cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. WeedMenu has played a significant role in helping the Mexican people achieve this remarkable accomplishment by becoming their voice in parliament.

“On behalf of WeedMenu, we congratulate the business owners and people of Mexico in getting their voices heard by the legislators,” said the spokesperson of WeedMenu, Rick Trujillo, on the occasion.

According to news reports by Independent UK, the Lower House of Congress voted 371 in favor of the bill, with only 19 politicians voting against it or abstaining. According to the Mexican lawmakers, this legalization of marijuana in Mexico is the first step in the right direction of exploring new alternatives of regulated, legalized and supervised use, and can open up a new front for authorities to combat addictions and the violence that arises from the illicit activities of drug growing, trafficking, and consumption. It is very important to mention that people will be able to get any cannabis medicinal products with less than 1% THC with a regular recipe and anything above that THC level will require a special prescription which can only be exchanged at authorized establishments.

This movement has not been particularly easy for activists and the medical community due to the predominance of drug-related violence in Mexico over the last couple of years.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZMkmHmH6NqA

Nevertheless, WeedMenu has activated the local community like never before to create a mass movement that got this bill so overwhelmingly approved.

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