The virtual reality geniuses are developing apps and websites

September – US – WEDO VR Inc. has announced that they will be making and improving mobile applications and websites with virtual reality. The company has introduced a new way of defining the virtual reality by building and transforming apps and professional websites in its VR style. Every member of the team at WEDO VR is under 30 years old, and the team is young and motivated enough to take every challenging project big or small.

The CEO of WEDU VR is Anthony Fenu who is a 20-year-old extremely gifted young man teamed up with Justin Baker, The Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of the company. The company is incorporated in New Jersey, and the office is located at Broadway, NYC. The company is ready to take all the clients with big and small projects on mobile application development and website making.

“Our vision is to redefine the way society integrates technology into everyday life. The Augmented Reality space is extremely broad, and this technology can be applied to numerous industries to create a more efficient, productive and intuitive way of completing tasks.” Says the Our Vision section of the WEDU VR website. The company is reshaping the face of information technology in this digital age and is handling projects from all over the world.

The client reviews and feedbacks have been phenomenal for WEDU VR as the company takes pride in giving topmost priority to the quality of the work they produce. The team has taken the science of software development and virtual reality as an art, and it reflects clearly in the work produced. Reportedly, WEDU VR has big plans for the future that are purely based on innovation and ingenuity.


Media Contact
Company Name: Wedu VR Inc.
Contact Person: Mark Palermo
Phone: 647-475-7720
Country: United States