Wednesday’s OTC Penny Stocks On the Rise (SYBE, ZRFY, HYSR, HNRC)

In the fast-paced world of investing, the OTC market has become a hotbed of trading activity, offering opportunities for those seeking growth potential. Penny stocks, with their lower share prices, have garnered attention as investors look for emerging companies that could generate significant returns. This thriving market provides a platform for traders to explore various sectors and uncover hidden gems. As momentum builds, investors eagerly track the latest trends and anticipate the next big breakthrough. In this article, we delve into the world of otc penny stocks with a few stocks carrying momentum, possibly from recent company developments and news releases.

Sybleu Inc. (OTC: SYBE)

Sybleu Inc. (OTC: SYBE) is a dynamic biotechnology company focused on therapies for human and animal health, medical devices, and clinical diagnostics. With a strategic vision centered around acquiring intellectual property and forging partnerships, Sybleu aims to advance cutting-edge technologies to the market, making significant contributions to the biotech sector.

Building upon its core strengths, Sybleu recently made strategic moves to bolster its position in the industry. On June 30, 2023, the company entered into a purchase agreement with Zander Biologics, Inc., acquiring a fifty percent ownership share of certain small molecule compounds with therapeutic applications. These compounds, currently patent-protected in the U.S. under patent numbers US 10,472,351 B2 and US 11,377,442 B2, hold tremendous potential for the development of targeted therapeutic agents.

By integrating their in-licensed AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) engine, Sybleu plans to further develop and optimize the acquired small molecule compounds. This strategic approach capitalizes on the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies, such as AI and ML, to expedite the drug development process. The utilization of patent-protected compounds as part of the training dataset for their AI/ML engine holds the promise of accelerating drug screening and chemical optimization efforts.

The collaborative efforts of Sybleu and Zander Biologics extend beyond the acquisition, as both companies have agreed to jointly develop and commercialize the intellectual property for veterinary use. This partnership showcases Sybleu’s dedication to fostering mutually beneficial relationships and solidifies its position in the veterinary therapeutics market.

With a visionary leadership team led by CEO Joseph Vaini and Chief Scientific Officer Harry M. Lander, Ph.D., Sybleu is well-positioned to continue pioneering advancements in biotechnology. By capitalizing on the convergence of disciplines such as biology, computational advances, and manufacturing, the company strives to revolutionize the development of drugs, devices, and diagnostic capabilities, ultimately impacting human and animal health positively.

As Sybleu Inc. continues to make strategic moves and foster innovation in the biotech field, investors should closely monitor their progress. With a focus on groundbreaking therapies and a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Sybleu demonstrates the potential to drive significant advancements in the healthcare industry.

Zerify Inc. (OTC: ZRFY)  

ZRFY is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. With over two decades of experience, Zerify specializes in providing advanced cybersecurity solutions, particularly in the areas of Secure Video Conferencing and Endpoint Gap Security. The company’s technologies are designed to combat cyber theft and data security breaches for consumers, corporations, and government agencies.

On July 11, 2023, Zerify announced a significant partnership with 323Link, a Tennessee-based company. This partnership marks an important milestone in the audio-visual industry, as Zerify’s Meet & Defender technology has been integrated into 323Link’s OneTouch Multi-Video Platform. By integrating Meet & Defender into the platform, Zerify and 323Link are setting a new standard for security in the audio-visual industry.

The integration of Meet & Defender ensures that conferences and meetings conducted through the OneTouch platform are protected from malware specifically designed to intercept audio and video streams. This reinforces the security of the audio-visual room environment and showcases Zerify’s commitment to prioritizing security in the collaboration space.

Additionally, Zerify’s secure video conferencing service, known as Zerify Meet, will be integrated into the OneTouch platform. This unique video conferencing platform offers unmatched security by authenticating every participant for every meeting.

The collaboration between Zerify and 323Link goes beyond software integration. Together, the two companies are developing comprehensive hardware and software bundles to cater to various needs, ranging from secure presentation spaces to fully equipped training spaces, large conference rooms, and even courtroom settings. This partnership enables Zerify users to enjoy a premium meeting experience at a reduced cost while ensuring the utmost security at the hardware level.

Zerify and 323Link are also actively exploring the integration of AI-powered gatekeepers within audio-visual rooms. These gatekeepers would regulate AI interactions, providing enhanced control over data access and usage. This forward-thinking approach not only strengthens security but also opens doors to groundbreaking advancements in industries like agriculture and healthcare.

SunHydrogen, Inc. (OTC: HYSR) 

HYSR is a leading developer of breakthrough technologies in the green hydrogen sector. The company’s mission is to create, store, and use green hydrogen, a market that Goldman Sachs estimates will be worth $12 trillion by 2050. SunHydrogen’s innovative technology, the SunHydrogen Panel, utilizes sunlight and any source of water to produce low-cost green hydrogen. Similar to solar panels generating electricity, the SunHydrogen Panels are designed to produce green hydrogen.

In a recent announcement, SunHydrogen revealed a significant development for the company. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with COTEC, a leader in industrial electroplating based in South Korea, marks an important step towards the optimization and development of industrial electroplating solutions for SunHydrogen’s semiconductor deposition. This deposition process is a vital component of the company’s nanoparticle technology.

COTEC, with its expertise in industrial electroplating and electrochemical processes, is well-positioned to collaborate with SunHydrogen. The company’s extensive plating experience in industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, and nuclear, working with clients like Boeing, Hanwha, and Airbus, further strengthens the partnership. Together, SunHydrogen and COTEC will explore the implementation of electroplating solutions to scale up SunHydrogen’s existing PAH architecture and process while maintaining cost-efficiency and high performance.

This collaboration with COTEC demonstrates SunHydrogen’s commitment to a diverse approach, collaborating with specialized partners. This follows their recent approval of $3.1 million in funding for Project NanoPEC, an initiative aimed at accelerating the scale-up process through collaboration with partners in Germany. By leveraging the expertise of companies like COTEC and their German partners, SunHydrogen aims to overcome the challenges of translating lab-scale success to larger-scale production.

The collaboration between SunHydrogen and COTEC holds significant potential to advance the development of industrial electroplating solutions. Both companies are committed to accelerating the global adoption of green hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source. Through partnerships and technological advancements, SunHydrogen aims to become a major supplier in the emerging hydrogen economy, supporting emission-free transportation, data centers, aircraft, and more.

Houston Natural Resources Corp (OTC: HNRC) 

HNRC has made a significant acquisition, obtaining a 100% interest in Cunningham Energy, LLC (CE). This move has resulted in an increase of HNRC’s net asset value (NAV) by $3.35 per share. Previously, HNRC had acquired a 9.9% interest in CE, and this acquisition completes the total investment, granting HNRC full ownership. Ryan Cunningham will continue to manage CE, and the acquisition was finalized through the issuance of common and preferred stock, including an escrow of preferred shares for certain liabilities.

In light of this acquisition, HNRC plans to change its name to Cunningham Natural Resources Corp (CNRC) and will focus on traditional oil and gas opportunities, as well as energy transition materials, such as mining opportunities in copper, lithium, gold, and other precious and rare earth metals. The company aims for a global investment focus with sustainability as a core strategy.

An independent engineering firm has conducted an updated evaluation of CE’s oil and gas assets, appraising their leasehold position at $352 million as of December 31, 2022. This appraisal assumes the completion of CE’s proposed 68-well drilling program. The acquisition of the 100% interest in CE, conducted through cash and securities, increases HNRC’s appraised asset value by $3.35 per share, based on the current shares outstanding.

CE is an independent producer of oil and gas, operating primarily in the Appalachian Basin with over 30,000 net acres of leasehold. The company has been at the forefront of shallow horizontal oil drilling in West Virginia since 2014. CE has plans to fulfill legacy drilling and lease obligations through a future phase 1 development program, which includes permitting, drilling, and completing twenty shallow horizontal wells. Additionally, CE aims to expand its leasehold footprint through future acquisitions and leasing activities.

Cunningham Energy of Canada Inc., a subsidiary of CE, holds an interest in over 965,000 acres in the Matapedia Valley, Gaspesie, Quebec, Canada. Collaborating with Marzcorp Inc., Cunningham Energy has invested over $14 million in the project to date.

Furthermore, Cunningham Energy operates Cunningham Oilfield Services (COS), which offers various oilfield services and equipment within the Appalachian Basin. COS is projected to play a significant role in the US Government Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, particularly in legacy pollution clean-up initiatives.

In addition to its existing operations, Cunningham Energy will enter into separate agreements and joint ventures with Viper Capital Partners LLC for further development of acreage, minerals, and drilling projects in multiple states, including West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois.

Overall, Houston Natural Resources Corp’s acquisition of Cunningham Energy LLC marks a significant milestone, increasing their net asset value per share. The transition to Cunningham Natural Resources Corp reflects the company’s expanded focus on traditional energy opportunities, energy transition materials, and global investments with sustainability at the core of its strategy.



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