WebsiteSuccess.Tools Review: Improving Business Conversions through Page Speed Monitoring

Before discussing improvements to business conversion, one must ask what conversion is. In the context of a business or e-commerce website, conversion is a measure of any desired action that one would want a user to make. This may include actions like clicking a button or submitting an accomplished form but typically, conversion is the rate of a website’s visitors becoming paying customers.

Conversion is an important measure as it shows how successful a business’s sales efforts are. It directly correlates with sales, revenue, and profit. There are a lot of factors that set the conversion rate of a website-based business. For example, products and services for sale should be attractively displayed on the web pages. Having good reviews and testimonials posted greatly influences a visitor in considering a purchase. Transacting should also be smooth, intuitive, and convenient to avoid turning-off customers.

One of the most critical factors affecting conversion is page speed. This is how fast a web page loads and becomes usable for users. Page speed has a major impact on user behavior. A slow-loading page can frustrate users, make them give up the website visit, and look somewhere else. Most experts agree users expect websites to load faster than 3 seconds. User abandonment exponentially increases with every second delay. In 5 seconds, a website would already lose more than half of its visitors. In 7 seconds, more than 80% of visitors. And among users browsing through mobile devices, patience is even shorter.

If page speed directly affects conversion then taking care of it should be a priority in running an online business. The biggest part of maintaining and improving page speed is understanding first what is going on with the website. It means taking measurements, getting diagnostic data, and implementing monitoring procedures. That is the reason why page speed monitoring services exist. While the industry is full of providers, the verified ones are not that big. In the list of such providers, the most trusted one is WebsiteSuccess.Tools

About the Company

WebsiteSuccess.Tools is a leading provider of uptime and website performance monitoring services. One of them is Page Speed Monitoring service. It is purposed exactly for how business owners as well as system administrators would need to maintain and improve website speed performance.

The Page Speed Monitoring service is packed with features that make the subscription service very informative and fairly intelligible. Firstly, subscribers are provided access to an online dashboard which allows them a cursory summary of their website’s speed performance. Average page size and load time are shown in easy to understand way. Also, it comes with readable graphics as well as a comprehensive visualization of a website’s loading process. This in turn provides a breakdown of content type, size, number of requests, and task distribution.

If needed, a detailed list of loading elements can be generated and the list can be filtered by type, size, or resource demand for troubleshooting purposes. This function also allows earmarking of page elements making it possible to track changes in page redesigns and monitor how impacting the changes are in terms of overall page speed. And like all the monitoring services of WebsiteSuccess.Tools, the Page Speed Monitoring service can be customized to send overview reports following a determined schedule or automated alerts triggered by crossing performance thresholds. Reports and alerts are sent through email or via SMS.

These all mean that WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ Page Speed Monitoring service is an indispensable tool for website design and performance management. In summary, the service provides an easy to use interface, beautiful and informative graphs, advanced analysis, automated testings, and detailed reports. And when page speed is ensured, website visitors are likelier to stick around a website, browse through the offerings, and make a purchase. Users are also likely to recommend the website (or at least unlikely to give a bad review about the speed of the website) and visit it again in the future.

All in all, ensuring a fast loading website is not only good for conversion (and ultimately the bottom line) but also works great in building brand image and raising the confidence of a consumer regarding your business.

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