Website Success Tools’ Reliable Monitoring Services Enhances End-User Experience

No one likes it when website pages take a century to load. Or when they are occasionally inaccessible. Or when functionalities of the website don’t work. We expect websites to function flawlessly, as they should. If not, we simply lose our interest in these sites and avoid visiting them altogether.

Sure, no one wants to put up with poor-performing websites. But what constitutes bad performance? How slow is too slow?

Three to five seconds. That is how long visitors are usually willing to wait for websites to open. Any second longer, then they will start leaving and searching for another website. A delay of seven seconds means nearly all visitors have jumped-off. And these are just the best estimates. This action of abandoning a visit is called bounce, and bounce rates are a very important measure to consider if you are running a website-based business.

Sluggish website response increases bounce rates that results in lower sales conversions. You cannot convince a visitor to buy if they don’t hang around your website long enough. A slow-acting site also negatively impacts the brand that will affect the business in the long term.

If your analytics show that your bounce rate is high (like more than 50 percent), then an investigation of your website’s performance is a must. Furthermore, any business whose operation relies heavily on its website should have round-the-clock performance monitoring in the first place.

Fortunately, Website Success Tools offers website monitoring that works particularly for those who need to keep an eye on their website.

Website Success Tools is a business solutions provider offering hosting, diagnostics, testing, and monitoring services. One of its popular services is Page Speed Monitoring.

Page Speed Monitoring continuously tracks and measures a website’s overall speed performance. It looks into the different key performance indexes a website may have, such as First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Cumulative Layout Shift, Time to Interactive, and Total Blocking Time. Thresholds can be set with these measures. Once these thresholds are crossed, an automatic alert is sent to the client via email or SMS. With the information gathered, the source of the latent response that a website may have can be determined or inferred.

Another diagnostic tool from Website Success Tools is Real-time User Monitoring. This type of performance monitoring collects and analyzes each user transaction of a web application such as a website. It is sometimes called end-to-end monitoring because it can follow the path of a sample user as he or she browses the web pages of a site. Also, tools of this service measure and analyze such user-side details like geographics, browser information, operating systems, and device specifics are measured. These measurements provide clues in identifying reasons for poor performance as well as actionable insights.

For website designers and developers, Website Success Tools offers Application Performance Monitoring. Like the aforementioned services, Application Performance Monitoring allows clients to capture and analyze key performance indexes. But rather than relying on actual users to trigger website functions, this service utilizes synthetic tests. The service is great for qualifying newly designed or freshly re-designed websites for public readiness.

While the previous services test the performance of a website as a whole, one popular service of Website Success Tools aims to monitor a specific aspect of website operations. Uptime Monitoring measures uptime, which is a function of the hosting server. Uptime rate is the ratio of time that a web hosting server makes a website accessible to users from the internet over a period.

Most web hosting servers offer uptime rates of above 99.95% reliability. This leaves a downtime chance of 0.05%. It seems like a confidence-inspiring insignificant percentage. But taken within a length of a year’s service, that small chance could become an hour-long outage, and it can cost a company several thousand to half a million dollars in terms of lost productivity and business opportunity.

Uptime Monitoring helps avoid prolonged outages – and sometimes even helps predict them – by continuously testing a website’s host server as well as the associated networks. Data reports from uptime monitoring help predict impending disasters, while automatic alerts from detected issues help server repair response time.

Website Success Tools offers reliable monitoring tools to help maintain and enhance your end-users’ experience that will benefit your bottom-line altogether. For more information, visit For questions and inquiries, please email

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