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Ivy, a hobbyist and web entrepreneur, has had success with her home and gardening website. Sign-ups for her free newsletter had a steady rise the past year. But recently, new sign-ups have abruptly dropped. This puzzled Ivy because a cursory review of her website numbers shows that visitor traffic to her website was about the same. She tried browsing her website but that offered no clues either. What should an online business owner like Ivy do in a situation like this?

For online business owners like Ivy, how a website performs is always an important concern especially when a business is wholly dependent on it. And there are many ways to analyze a website’s performance. Just like what Ivy did, looking into the general data (with metrics like visitor rates, conversion, or sales figures, for example) will allow appreciation of a website as a whole.

But sometimes there is a need to dissect a website into its parts, see how those parts and features perform individually and find out where improvements can be made. To make this kind of diagnosis possible, online business owners, digital marketers, and website developers employ what is called Real-Time User Monitoring.

Real-Time User Monitoring or simply RUM is a kind of performance monitoring that tests, collects, and analyzes individual transactions by real users of a website. It’s also known as real user metrics, real user measurement, or end-user monitoring. It is used to measure user experience using key metrics like page load time or by following the transaction paths of users.

Real-Time User Monitoring is used to monitor individual functionalities or applications of a website by collecting the browsing experience of individual users. It can show which sections of a website get the most visitors, or which areas get the least attention. It can know the load times of individual pages or when traffic is high. It can detect patterns of login failures, script errors, or navigation issues. By revealing which part of a website are users getting problems or sub-par experience, Real-Time User Monitoring enables online business owners to fix their websites very effectively and efficiently.

But not all Real-Time User Monitoring services are created equal. Some monitoring services only provide rudimentary user monitoring but do not provide the in-depth data capture needed to provide a clearer picture of all of a website’s vitals. For this purpose, most turn to the Real-Time User Monitoring service offered by Website Success Tools.

Website Success Tools are experts in providing top-of-the-line website monitoring services. They offer uptime monitoring, page speed monitoring, and application performance monitoring services. And they offer their version of Real-Time User Monitoring.

Website Success Tools’ Real-Time User Monitoring is packed with all the features needed to know how good a website is to use.

  • It boasts a huge user sampling rate.
  • It can identify real-time user performance issues of up to 1 million page views.
  • It can detect and isolate page load events and front-end load crashes.
  • It does performance monitoring in different geographical locations, browsers, devices, operating systems, and more.
  • It can even produce actionable insight and crash reports which are invaluable for performance analysis.

Website Success Tools’ Real-Time User Monitoring is simply the best way to gauge the browsing experience a website provides to its customers.

What has come about with Ivy’s lack of recent sign-ups? Website Success Tools’ Real-Time User Monitoring revealed that users were attempting to sign-up when prompted but after doing so, the website would return a script error message. There was an intermittent glitch that was preventing the website from taking the customer’s information.

Armed with this knowledge, Ivy was able to have the exact problem fixed with minimal delay. After which, she was back getting people signing up for her newsletter at a rate like before. And the quick and certain troubleshooting would have not been possible if not for Website Success Tools’ Real-Time User Monitoring.

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