Website Success Tools’ Performance Monitoring Helps Improve User Experience

It is common knowledge that businesses regularly spend a great deal of money and resources to attract customers. That means a lot of marketing and advertising, things that create brand awareness and invite people to seek out their products and services. But salesmanship does not stop once customers enter shop doors. If anything, the act of convincing people to consummate a sale becomes more critical within the selling area.

It should not be a surprise that shop interiors are often made attractive and welcoming. Or how wares are on display for easy appreciation and inspection. Menu items in food businesses are often laid out with appetizing pictures and descriptions. And for most businesses, store personnel will often engage the customers the moment they enter the business establishment, further committing a customer to make a purchase. But these in-store techniques are not unique to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Almost all entrepreneurs share the same challenges when it comes to online businesses. When half the battle is getting users to visit an e-commerce site, the other half is ensuring users that do visit are converted to paying customers. And like the classic retail models, a huge factor helping conversion is the user’s overall experience when visiting a site.

Is the website easy to locate? Is it available or accessible? Does the site load fast? Is the website responsive, is the design intuitive, and do the links open to pages correctly? These are the concerns online business owners and system administrators worry about. This is because it does not matter if a website looks sleek and modern if it does not function as good as it should.

In this respect, how does one improve the user experience of potential customers? Good website design is an obvious consideration and so does choosing a reliable web host. But even these do not guarantee whether a good performance is delivered to users all the time. Rigorous testing, diagnostics, and monitoring are required to ensure and maintain good website performance. And when it comes to providing solutions to ensure Quality of Service, Website Success Tools has proved itself as an indispensable partner.

Website Success Tools offers specialized website hosting as well as uptime and performance monitoring services. Here are a few of the most popular services that keep websites at their optimum condition:

Uptime Monitoring Services – Though most web hosting services provide near-perfect uptime service which is around 99.95% reliable, it is still not an absolute figure. A 0.05% chance of downtime in a year can translate into a website going offline for several hours. These events happen even with companies that have robust IT infrastructure and system management.

For businesses that do not enjoy such resources, Website Success Tools offers a range of bespoke Uptime Monitoring Services. This service provides automated minute-by-minute uptime testing to mitigate the risk of prolonged downtime. With this service, owners and administrators can get instant alerts at the first sign of web host service malfunction. The sooner a downtime is addressed, the sooner are losses halted.

Page Speed Monitoring – Website load times are an important determinant of user experience. According to studies, users expect web pages to load sooner than 3 to 5 seconds. The likelihood that a user abandons his visit rises exponentially with every increasing second of load time. This measure is called the bounce rate. Closely monitored page speed provides administrators data to ensure that load times are fast and bounce rates remain below acceptable limits. Like Uptime Monitoring, Page Speed Monitoring also provides incidence alerts, error tracking, and data collection.

Real-Time User Monitoring – Sometimes website administrators need to know the aggregate experience of real users. This service helps in analyzing usage data on a monitored website, which includes page load events and performance issues of the front-end application. It provides identification of real-time user performance data of up to one million-page views. It also provides snapshots of other details such as geographical locations, browsers types, device types, operating systems, and more. The data gathered is invaluable for process improvement and maintenance.

Application Performance Monitoring – This service provides synthetic tests implemented on a monitored website. Every important aspect of website performance, such as page load times, time-to-title, render times, and so on, are tested with this service. This service is typically used in web development. It helps ensure all errors and performance issues of a website have been identified, analyzed, and squared away before a website is made available to the public.

There are a host of other helpful web services available from Website Success Tools, all of which are strong indications of the provider’s dedication to improving business and user experience.

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