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Having a website that is fully optimized in terms of performance is not only desirable but critical to the business objectives. What does it mean to have a website that is fully optimized? As a user interface, a website must have all its design and workings function as they should.

It should be accessible using a variety of browsers and devices. It should be responsive, and it needs to be consistent. It needs to perform consistently otherwise it will not only lose visitors but can be ranked low by search engine algorithms.

Part of what makes a website perform great designs. There are different applications for website development, but the most venerable and still very popular is WordPress. Since 2003, this free and open-source content management system has been the go-to software for most website designers and developers.

The other part of a good performing website is the web hosting server. Websites are just programs after all, and they need machines to execute them. Web hosting servers are just computer systems with large capacities, commercial-grade components, and specifically designed to run and publish websites. Most websites are hosted by shared services. This means they serve a multitude of websites at the same time. This arrangement makes hosting services very affordable.

One key performance index for web hosts is uptime. It is the measure of how good a web host is in keeping a website accessible and useful. The standard for reliability is about 95%, with some services promising 99.99% uptime. Uptime is one of the top considerations in choosing a web hosting service.

For a business beginner or a small-scale enterprise or those businesses planning to move or extend their operations on the internet, then it is highly likely that they will be getting a WordPress site. Then the site will be hosted by a highly reliable but shared web hosting service. Is this the best option for budget-conscious web entrepreneurs who want their website to perform the best they can?

Website Success Tools, a digital business solutions provider, offers a smarter alternative to typical inexpensive shared hosting services. It offers its brand of WordPress Hosting Services.

What is the difference between typical web hosting services and WordPress hosting? This main one is that this type of web service hosts only WordPress-based websites. This arrangement offers many advantages, especially for hosted websites.

For one, all clients on the server can receive the same custom maintenance. For example, the server can be set up to defend against WordPress-specific attacks. Another advantage is that security patches and bulk upgrades can be applied to all hosted websites on the server at once.

Website Success Tools’ dedicated WordPress hosting servers are pre-configured with web technologies that will allow for quick setup within websites. Staging sites can also be easily and quickly transferred. Also, the offered hosting plans include easy-to-use website builders that come with themes, plugins, and SSL certificates.

As an added value, Website Success Tools offers consolidated customer service for its WordPress Hosting Services clients. By catering only to one type of technology, it becomes practical for Website Success Tools to provide specialized support. This means customer service representatives have had special training to understand and resolve most WordPress issues.

Website Success Tools offers everything that one looks for in a web hosting service. First is a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% for their websites. This means a nearly-zero chance of business stoppage for its hosted websites. Website Success Tools offers various packages ranging from basic to premium. This means hosting services are scalable, and they can grow with hosted businesses if desired by clients. Website Success Tools also offers better security for its specialized hosting services. And finally, Website Success Tools offers the most optimized website performance through all of its WordPress hosting packages.

WordPress websites are just better hosted by WordPress Hosting Services. The most reliable and practical WordPress Hosting Services are the offerings of Website Success Tools.

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