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Companies are now relying on the internet to conduct critical business processes. The goal of every online business is to earn as many profits as possible. However, website downtime can hinder achieving this goal. Every minute of website downtime translates to customer dissatisfaction, negative reputation, and lost profits.

Website downtime is inevitable. For the last several years, big names in the industry have suffered from website downtime. This only means that businesses should not take data infrastructure for granted.

What causes website downtime?

The causes of website downtime vary and may not be specific for every website. Some of them are in the provider’s control while the others are not. Below are the most common causes of why websites go down.

  • Hardware failure – This is considered the most recognizable cause of website downtime. Physical space is needed to store computer applications and data. In the event of power outages or hardware malfunctions, the whole system fails. Monitoring of hardware performance, hardware redundancy, and proper maintenance are necessary to minimize downtime occurrences.
  • Malicious attack – Online transactions and customer data are vulnerable to security threats. Hackers will try to compromise online processes and cause website disruption by inserting malicious codes into the system. This enables the hackers to exploit the whole system, so in effect, can cause website downtime. 
  • Coding errors – Incorrect syntax, typos, and infinite loops can disrupt performance and cause website downtime. This is a common human error that is impossible to avoid. Consistent monitoring helps spot on coding issues and alerts webmasters at the soonest possible time.

While website downtime cannot be completely eradicated, some measures can help minimize downtime incidents. One of them is through uptime monitoring.

Uptime and uptime monitoring defined

Uptime refers to the average time a website has been running and functioning as expected. It is a good indication of a reliable and stable website server and computer infrastructure. The ideal uptime would be 100%, which means zero downtime incidents.

However, the industry finds it difficult to achieve so 99.5% uptime performance is already considered high and acceptable.

Uptime monitoring is defined as the process of conducting series of tests to analyze and monitor websites and ensure that a website is up and running. The main objective for uptime monitoring is ensuring that all online business processes are running smoothly and uninterrupted as much as possible.

Monitoring companies like Website Success Tools comprehensively monitor websites and send signal alerts to business owners when the system notices website failures.

About Website Success Tools

Website Success Tools is an online platform that offers website monitoring services. Website Success Tools has long been known for having secured, dependable, and reliable services.

Website Success Tools utilizes monitoring tools to prevent implications of website downtime and guarantees consistent and 99.5% high uptime performance. Website Success Tools performs comprehensive and consistent uptime monitoring by using network checkpoints to connect to websites and servers. This allows the company to check response codes and times to validate the errors. Once identified and verified, they will send notification alerts through SMS and email, enabling business owners to fix the issues on time. Doing so can help in getting the website back up and running before it disrupts end-users.

What sets Website Success Tools apart from other monitoring companies is that they run additional series of tests when website downtime occurs. This helps identify and pinpoint what caused website downtime.

The platform also provides a detailed report of uptime performance so business owners can have a better understanding of the potential issues that can cause website downtime enabling them to plan and prevent outages from future occurrences.

Clients of Website Success Tools have reported virtually no downtime when they started using the platform’s monitoring services. This can be attested by the reviews posted on their website and social media pages.

Website Success Tools has also built its reputation for having efficient and reliable customer support that promptly responds to every query.

While there is a long list of monitoring companies these days, partnering with Website Success Tools would be the best choice as they have already proven their capabilities of meeting the uptime requirements in the industry. 

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