Weather change in Seattle, Rats and Mice find higher temperature controlled nests making homes in Residences and Commercial Businesses.

“Just like the general populous don,t wanna be cold neither do the rodents. Pest control services have shown pictures of rats and mice chews holes in duct work in attic and crawlspace. The duct work in attic and crawlspaces brings forced air heat in living”
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome has been associated with the inhalation of dried droppings from the rats,mice mouse.Diseases can be spread by eating food that has been contaminated by rodents, causing foodborne illness, or exposure to areas that are contaminated by rodent urine or droppings.when a property owner suspects a rodent problem, don’t delay,call in an inspection by a rats mice professional from a reputable pest control service

Here in the Puget Sound area rodents have a high reproductive rate. Neitherhomes or businesses are safe from an infestation. The pests can and willvie for food and water resources with other scavengers to claim thebounties. Mice and Rats can burrow up to great distances to get the foodand shelter needed. Amazingly the rodents can survive a fall of up to fiftyfeet, making them fearless climbers. Rats and mice are able to travelacross power lines and tree branches. Home and business owners will needpest control services and AMPM Exterminators are expert mice and ratexterminators. The experienced technicians provide professional andthorough services to exterminate the nasty pest infestation. Yes, weatherhas changed and rats and mice are gaining entry to establish residence.

Mice and Rats carry various diseases and bacteria:

Historically rats were the carriers for the Bubonic plague, and have causedmillions of deaths worldwide. Rats are a big problem because the rats willget as close to humans as possible. Food and garbage/waste provide a majorsource of food for rodent populations. Do not put off getting rid of a rator mice infestation. Families can be in danger of contracting variousdiseases through contact with the rat droppings, nesting areas, or family’sfood that has been contaminated. All of this applies to CommercialBusinesses as well.

How to protect damage from Rats and Mice :

Rodents create havoc when it comes to damages created by the filthy pests.The rats and mice can contaminate attics and crawl spaces with feces andurine; can chew through expandable foam, electrical wires, and even thewood inside of the homes; can destroy gardens and eat contaminated food .But most of all can cause so much stress,destroy the peace of mind andcreate insecurity for inhabitants. Not to mention the financial loss forowners.

To get rid of a rat and mice infestation:

First and foremost the best bet is to contact a pest control company likeAMPM Exterminators that is experienced and specializes in rodentextermination. A rodent exterminator will not only will help with theelimination of the rodent problem, but will check the entire perimeter ofthe building or home and look for entry points into the property. Whenholes, cracks or crevices are located the technician will make sure all aresealed to keep the mice and rats from getting inside. There is a definiteprotocol to follow to obtain the successful infestation needed. If one stepis omitted than the rats and mice will stay comfy with the new digs. AMPMExterminators technician will provide the required steps. An example wouldbe the daily hygiene routines especially for the kitchen or warehouses.Pretty much a routine that includes cleaning and disinfecting areas wherefood is stored. Remember that these rodents can fit through tiny holes thesize of dimes and quarters.Be aware if any holes, cracks or crevices in these areas that need to besealed. Inform the technician if unable to fix the problem before servicesare provided. Clean everything, leave no food out on stoves, counters, insinks or garbage waste on the floors. Prevention measures will be a bestfriend in the end.

Professional Rat Control service to source problem:

There is a lot of new construction going on in Seattle. This may well beattributed to the numerous rat sightings. Seattle weather is perfect forrats as it doesn’t get that cold. So the rats can go through winter withno problems. If a rat wants it…it’ll get it is bottom line.Booming construction sites in Greater Seattle Area may be contributing torat infestation issues. Homes and commercial businesses will be greatlyaffected. To get control of the situation call AMPM Pest Control servicesfor an experienced professional to exterminate the rats on the move.

Professional pest control company with exterminators for bed bugs, littleblack sugar ants, carpenter ants, rat control, house mice, rodentcontrol,birds,beetles, moths, flies, termites, wasps,yellowjackets andhornets.Ampm Pest control service takes pride in family and pet friendlyeffective pest control in King County areas of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond,Kirkland, Renton, Everett, Bothell and Issaquah. Bedbugs exterminationservices, Mouse Control, Rodent, Carpenter Ants, Spider control areavailable to residential including single family residences, apartments,commercial including hotels, restaurants, schools and industrialestablishments including warehouses and grocery stores.Attic and CrawlspaceRodent Restoration including cleaning, sanitizing and insulation removal &repair after rats,mice,squirrels,birds,bats Infestation.Find answers toquestions about cost facts, information, and discover pest control tips, Itis much easier, faster and cheaper to get rid of any pest.Every home isdifferent so repair costs may vary. Having years of experiencedinspections clients deserve customized solutions for any type of pestproblem. Pest control pricing will be divulged when contacting AMPMExterminators.

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