We SaYes Introduces Puressence, the Premium 100% Cotton, ANION Sanitary Pads

Women spend 7-10% of their lives menstruating and usually, women rely on the commercially made sanitary napkins. Unfortunately, most women are completely unaware of the harmful health effects of these commercial sanitary napkins. Majority sanitary pads contain chemicals that are carcinogenic in nature. This is an alarming situation because these chemicals may not show their effects immediately, but in the longer term, they can cause most gynecological health conditions.

According to a W.H.O document entitled “ANIONS, a true gift of nature” 62% of women face gynecological infections that are caused during women’s menstruation due to the usage of the poor quality of most sanitary pads that are sold in the market. To cut the cost of the sanitary pads, most of the commercial brands produce sanitary pads that are made from recycled paper materials, that material contains printer ink and other chemicals. To make them reusable the companies bleach the material with highly harmful chemicals, including dioxin and chlorine.

Apart from the chemical, most sanitary napkins are also not breathable. Which means that moisture gets looked at the pad and as no air is allowed to enter, warmth develops between the pad and woman’s private part. The warmth plays a perfect role in encouraging bacteria and germ growth. According to W.H.O report, in only hours of usage, about 107 different types of germs develop per Cubic centimeter of the surface area of the pad.

The poor quality and poor hygiene caused by sanitary pads may develop serious conditions like fibroids, hemorrhoids, cancer of the cervix, cancer of the uterus, ovaries, tubes or blocked tubes, menstrual disorders, and several other health issues.

Sterling Ballard stated in his article, “During my investigation and interrogation of the various sanitary pads available on the market, I have come to realize with evidence that ANION sanitary pads are the best solution for women as both prevention and cure against most gynecological health problems including cancer because they are multipurpose”.

Due to the above health dangers, We SaYes has introduced Puressence. Puressence Sanitary pads are made with premium quality 100% natural cotton. Each pad equipped with a unique patented anion strip contains a plant based gel absorber, made with a specially designed adhesive, packaged in moisture sealed aluminum foil, and each packet contains a self-testing indicator that measures the presence of bacteria and/or virus in the genital area.

ANION strip has numerous health benefits, like strengthening immunity, enhancing hormonal balance, balancing the autonomic nervous system, reducing fatigue and stress, enhancing metabolism, stabilizing brain faction, treating inflammation and cell rejuvenation. It can also effectively treat Ovarian cysts, Yeast infections, Genital warts, Uterine fibroids, Cervical erosions, Hormonal imbalances, Irregular menstrual cycle, Bladder infection, Bladder control and several other health issues.


Puressence are specially designed sanitary pads that are made with Premium 100% Cotton and contains an ANION strip that can treat several genital health issues. For details, please visit:



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