Ways to Increase Chances of an Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces allow couples to have more control over the outcome of the divorce and save time and money. However, an uncontested divorce won’t be possible unless spouses are willing to work towards it. These tips can help understand what is required to have a successful uncontested divorce.

It’s doubtful that spouses will agree on every facet of their divorce. If the goal is an uncontested divorce, spouses must work out agreements about how property division, alimony, child support, and child custody issues are going to be dealt with post-divorce. An uncontested divorce can save time and money, but it also requires work and compromise. Here are some steps spouses can take to ensure an uncontested divorce is successful, including hiring skilled Aurora uncontested divorce lawyers.

Think About What is Paramount

What’s important to one spouse isn’t necessarily the same as what is important to the other. Before divorce negotiations, people should think about what aspects of the agreement matter most, which ones matter some, and which ones may not matter at all. While spouses might share some of the same thoughts about what is important, it’s unlikely that they have the exact same priorities. For example, maybe getting kids on Christmas day and receiving alimony are what is most important to one spouse. The other might prioritize keeping the vacation condo and getting the kids for half of summer break. Priorities can vary.

Be Willing to Compromise

An uncontested divorce is an opportunity to have input into how life will look after a divorce is final. If spouses aren’t able to agree on the most critical issues in a divorce, a family court judge will determine the outcome. In an uncontested divorce, spouses have some say in what happens. However, they must be willing to make some concessions and compromise. Spouses should go into negotiations knowing that it’s unlikely they will check all the boxes on your wishlist, but if they can compromise, they will check some. 

Consider Alternative Solutions

There are no cookie-cutter divorces. Each one is unique. Solutions that work for one divorcing couple might not work for another. An Aurora uncontested divorce attorney or mediator might introduce possible solutions that a couple hadn’t thought about before. Spouses should keep an open mind and be willing to consider alternative solutions, even if their initial reaction is to reject them. Alternative solutions might just be the key to making the uncontested divorce work.

Hire Skilled Aurora Uncontested Divorce Lawyers 

Finally, one of the most important steps anyone can take to increase their chances of a successful uncontested divorce is to hire skilled Aurora uncontested divorce lawyers. With legal representation, they can better understand their rights and learn about many different options to work out the important aspects of an uncontested divorce.

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