Wave Digital Business Cards Launches in Dubai

Wave digital business cards and phone tags has launched its service in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Digital business cards are NFC enabled cards that contain a profile of links and contact information.  

Wave digital business cards has created a unique numbered cards solution for Dubai and the UAE customers. The Wave pack contains Seven (7) NFC enabled cards and tags 3 x Business cards, 2 X phone cards and 2 X phone tags that stick on the back of your phone. 

The seven NFC enabled business card and phone tag wave pack contains all the cards and phone tags you will ever need.  The idea being that people have different sides to their lives such as work, personal, events, side gigs etc. With seven cards and tags you can share the right profile with people you are meeting.  The advantage being that a work contact will never see your side gig details and vice versa

The smart business cards contact solution comes with Wave Pro+ a cutting edge software package that allows full customisation of each one of the cards and tags.  Customers can add over 60 social networks, images, links and numbers to their profile.

Wave Pro+ digital business card management software is based on progressive web technology (PWA) which means an app is not needed, all the management and sharing is done via your phone’s browser.

The concept of the 7 NFC card Wave Pack is to give customers a complete solution with every kind of phone tag or business card allowing customers to separate their business contacts and social contacts side gig. 

Wave is offering numbered cards with a limited production run on just 999 wave seven digital business card packs.  Each NCF pack is numbered and the cards and profiles carry the customers chosen number.

For more information visit https://www.wave.ws





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