Wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion releases collaborative fusion album – Wav-Legion

Blockchain Music Artists, Wav-Dr. & Bonnie Legion, takes independent music to the next level with the release of a new album

All Ears Music Production/Sound Legion are seemingly setting the pace in the world of indie music as the two talented artists recently released a collaborative album titled, Wav-Legion, on 18th January, 2019. The album is an amazing fusion different genre of music to provide every music lover with the best of sounds and lyrics. The album is an amazing showcase of creativity featuring two of the best in the entertainment industry.

It is nonews that the music industry and the world of entertainment as a whole have evolved over the years with the different stakeholders in the industry contributing their quota to the development of the industry. While the industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times particularly with talented minds treating their fans and music lovers worldwide to amazing songs and sounds, one category of artists – independent artists, seems to have been underserved or underrated as the case may be. Consequently, such musicians have not gotten the glory and prestige they deserve. However, Wav-Dr. and Bonnie Legion are looking to change the narrative, with their recent collabo album further reiterating the pursuit of their goal.

The album contains 13 thought-provoking, amazing, original tracks, serving listeners an unprecedented blend of different types of music including Electronic, Rock, Pop, HipHop, and a host of other flavors. The delightful fusion explosionwas created by the talented Canadian producer, musician, Singer-Songwriter, Wav-Dr.,and California chameleon Singer-Songwriter, Shavon Bonnie Legioncreated in a 7 week period after connecting on Blockchain music site Choon.

“So much effort has gone into the creation of this project and this is the culmination post. Please send us some love with your upvotes and shares. Huge thanks for all those out there supporting and encouraging the dream every day. Humbly I send to you all massive good energy vibes. Both Wav-Dr. and myself hope you guys enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed creating it,” says Shavon Bonnie Legion.

The project is particularly unique considering the nature of collaboration between both artists used the internet to break the barriers that often hinder artists from working together.

Some of the songs on the album include Afraid of the Dark, Slow Burn, Zen Moment, Temperature Drop, and Bees to Honey.

Wav-Legion is currently available across several digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

More information about the album can also be found on Steemit.

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