Warmth and Hope Spring Eternal on ‘Words For All’ Website

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 29, 2024 – Chills turn to warmth and frowns become smiles as spring begins to blossom, so it may come as no surprise that Dr. Pieter Noomen — a man who claimed to have spoken at length with the deity he called I AM or the Real Reality — said that God also recognizes the joy of spring.

In fact, Dr. Noomen said the Real Reality can bring humankind into a state of joy, happiness and warmth if people simply embrace the truth of His/Her existence.

Noomen said that the Real Reality told him, “You are directly part of the unfolding of My wholeness. Emptying out all negative energy, and a forgiving approach to the wrongdoing of others, as well as detaching yourself without rancor or fear from a realm you do not desire anymore, signals resurrection within your human generation and thus springtime for all alive.”

Dr. Noomen worked as a psychotherapist and staff member at a Los Angeles church, completed doctoral studies in theology and pastoral psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam, and became senior minister of three Protestant churches. He died in 2019, but he left behind a plethora of writings that remain available on his website, www.wordsforall.org, as a gift for all to read and ponder.

The writings include not only the words of the Real Reality, but also the words of Dr. Noomen himself. He said he was speaking to the Real Reality when he said this:

“You ignite lust for life; like the spring here wakes up landscapes to beauty. You state that by going inward to be in Your presence, we’ll see further and sharper. … So many of my ideas still come from polluted sources. So many falsities and delusions are in them that they deceive me. Yet, when the sun shines, I do feel good; when all goes well and life is pleasant, it’ll remind me of and give me sometimes a foretaste of a heaven … You are the fire, the light, the Spirit of Life Itself on all levels. All is alive because of it.”

An example of Dr. Noomen’s “Words of Wisdom,” one of the many categories on his website, www.wordsforall.org

“The Southern Hemisphere starts the winter while the Northern part of our globe welcomes the spring. Going through cycles is part of earth’s nature. It partly is our human nature too. Physically, psychologically, economically, etc. There seem to be cycles. Each cycle has its challenges. Smartly adjusting to those makes life safer and richer. We can do the same with adjusting to and being prepared for our mental and spiritual seasons — growing up, getting older, being eternal, etc. Actually, that ‘adjusting’ takes place in us every time we change from whichever ‘dark’ season in us to a sphere of love and honesty wherever we can find it.”

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