Houses built in Melbourne decades ago were not usually insulated against the cold. But with energy prices on the rise and the present-day focus on sustainability, it appears that people living in un-insulated homes are taking action. Ceiling insulation has developed a reputation of drastically reducing energy bills and the installation is usually a fairly simple procedure. There’s little doubt that these factors combined have resulted in many roofs being insulated.

Walls, on the other hand, are more complex to insulate. The subsequent energy savings are relatively low, making it hard to justify all the hassle and money involved. So why the recent interest in insulating the walls of existing homes? One reason could be that in this day and age, finding a quiet space is not always as simple as it used to be.

Paul van Oord is managing director of Pricewise Insulation: “Most of the time it’s actually installed as an acoustic management solution. It seems to be increasingly important for people living in a fast paced world to have a quiet home environment”. He went on to say that money spent on acoustic insulation within the home would most likely never be recovered through reduced energy bills, but it could contribute towards a more pleasant place to spend time.

Mr van Oord explained that wall insulation was usually carried out as part of a bigger renovation project. “It’s not like they’re tearing apart walls in order to insulate them,” he assured, “but where home owners are opening up walls as a part of a renovation anyway, then a lot of them are realising that it’s not a big deal to insulate the new walls while they’re at it. The bottom line is: if you’re opening up a wall anyway, then think long term and insulate it while you can do it cheaply!”

About Pricewise Insulation:

Pricewise Insulation is one of Australia’s largest online retailers of wall insulation batts and related products. With warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, and a vast network of partner suppliers and manufacturers, their popular brands include Knauf Earthwool, Fletcher Pink Batts, Autex Greenstuf, Kingspan, and Bradford Gold Batts.

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