Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics Brisbane Offers Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy. A new and effective treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Among the many reason way people go to podiatry clinics, Plantar Fasciitis or heel pain is among the most common. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy or ESWT is a recently developed therapy that has been in the news for its ability to cure painful plantar fasciitis / heel spurs / heel pain. Podiatry Clinic based in Brisbane, Australia Stephanie Cosgrove Podiatry Clinics has added extracorporeal shock wave therapy to the list of podiatry services they offer.

The clinic’s spokesperson explained: “ESWT delivers targeted shock waves to the painful area using a handheld ‘gun’ that taps the inflamed tissue. The shock isn’t an electric shock, it is a physical blow. Shock wave therapy is thought to work by causing micro trauma (or tiny spots of damage) to the thick gristle-like tissue that makes up the plantar fascia band.”

The therapy has been proven to be successful against debilitating heal pain and aches associated with Plantar Fasciitis. The common ailment is said to affect one in every 10 people, also, it takes a long to heal and can worsen over time. ESWT therapy shocks the calf muscles and Achilles’ tendon to treat heel spurs, ESWT’s capacity to deliver shock waves at different frequencies allows podiatrists to use the therapy to cure the problem at various stages. Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics incorporated the therapy to the practice after careful considerations of the pros and cons to the treatment and after a thorough patient trial.

“Our Brisbane podiatry clinic completed a ten patient trial run in September 2015 with the unit before we decided to incorporate it into our practice.  The results were better than we had anticipated with very stubborn, long-term conditions responding quite quickly.  We also found good success with Achilles Tendon issues. The treatment is often done three or four times at an interval of 4 to 7 days apart. The cost of the sessions is ~$80 and, as we are podiatrists, the treatment attracts a health fund rebate between $20 – $50 depending on your level of cover,” the spokesperson from Stephanie Cosgrove Podiatry Clinics said.

The long-term effects of the therapy, however, are still being studied and considered, as the therapy continues to grow in popularity among practitioners and patients.


Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics are based in Brisbane, Australia. The team at the clinic has over 90 years’ experience, 240 hours of extra training each year and over 500,000 feet examined and has helped thousands of people walk without pain.

For more information, please visit: http://www.walkwithoutpain.com.au/shock-wave-plantar-fasciitis/

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