Voltz Electrical Service Wants to Partner With Augusta GA Homeowners on Their Next Electrical Project

Voltz Electrical Service Wants to Partner With Augusta GA Homeowners on Their Next Electrical Project
Voltz Electrical Service serves homeowners and businesses in the greater Augusta GA area.
With a commitment to excellence and a comprehensive list of services, Voltz Electrical Service is equipped to handle both planned and unexpected electrical projects, ensuring the safety and efficiency of Augusta homes.

As the new year unfolds, many Augusta GA homeowners embark on planning home improvement projects, and Voltz Electrical Service stands ready as a trusted electrician near me to support a broad range of electrical needs.

Key highlights of Voltz Electrical Service’s offerings include:

Wiring Upgrades and Additions: Voltz Electrical Service provides expert wiring upgrades and installation for home additions, ensuring reliable and safe electrical systems.

Electrical Inspections and Repairs: Conducting thorough electrical inspections, Voltz identifies potential issues and performs necessary repairs to maintain a safe home environment.

Electrical Service Upgrades: Voltz offers electrical service upgrades to meet the growing power needs of modern households, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Meter Base Replacement: Voltz can upgrade out-dated meter bases to meet current standards and ensure accurate electrical metering.

Circuit Breaker Replacement: Voltz can ensure the proper functioning of circuit breakers for enhanced safety and electrical distribution.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Repairs: Voltz technicians are experienced in upgrading and repairing electrical panels to accommodate increased electrical demands and ensure compliance with safety codes.

Electrical Service Wire Replacement: Voltz can replace outdated or damaged service wires for improved safety and performance.

Code Violation Repairs: Voltz can address and rectify electrical code violations to ensure compliance with safety standards.

GFCI Installation and Protection: Voltz can install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) for enhanced protection against electrical shocks in wet areas.

Grounding for Shock Protection: Voltz can ensure proper grounding to protect against electrical shock hazards.

Dedicated Circuits for HVAC Units: Voltz can install dedicated circuits for heating or air conditioning units for optimal performance.

In addition to these services, Voltz Electrical Service can install new outlets, light switches, light fixtures, ceiling fans, washers and dryers, water heaters, and various other home appliances that rely on electricity.

“Whether you’re planning a home improvement project or need assistance with unexpected electrical issues, Voltz Electrical Service is Augusta’s trusted choice for reliable and professional electrical services,” says Richard Smith, owner of Voltz Electrical Service.

Voltz Electrical Service is a trusted provider of comprehensive electrical services in Augusta, GA. Specializing in a broad range of projects, including wiring upgrades, inspections, service upgrades, and more, Voltz Electrical Service is committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of residential and commercial electrical systems.

For more information, visit https://www.voltz99.com/

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