“Volla Phone,” Protecting Privacy, Freeing The Mind, Now On Indiegogo

Now seeking community support via Indiegogo, the Volla Phone is a secure smartphone that provides a new level of simplicity and instant, intuitive interactions.

With the Volla Phone, find more time in your day and focus on the things that really matter to you. In a highly connected world, we crave simplicity and security. But most of today’s smartphones enable third-party organizations to track and monitor almost everything we do. With the Volla Phone, embrace a different experience that makes privacy and security the priority. Using the innovative Volla OS, get instant access to features and information without the need for traditional applications or compromised privacy.

Without traditional applications, the Volla Phone accomplishes even more with four distinct and revolutionary user experiences. These include (1) Springboard, which allows you to write on Volla’s home screen and have the Volla Phone recognize what you want to do or suggest text-completion and other appropriate activities; (2) Shortcuts, which allows you to easily perform frequently used actions with a simple touch-drag-release gesture; (3) Collections, which allows the Volla OS to automatically group people who you contact most frequently or contacted most recently, and write them a message; and (4) Groupings, which contains your latest grouped messages and threads, and even news media grouped by source, that can be easily filtered with keywords.

No matter what you’re doing, the Volla Phone and the innovative Volla OS based on a Google-free Android stand ready with enhanced functionality that simultaneously protects user data and privacy system-wide. Finally, you are in control and can decide with whom you share and get your information. An open-source operating system that protects your data and privacy from malicious intrusions, the Volla Phone does not collect data or track statistics and comes with a pre-installed VPN from Hide.me and core apps that respect your privacy.

Users even have the option to choose a pre-installed Google-free Android with the Volla user experience or a Ubuntu Touch operating system. This makes the Volla Phone the only smartphone worldwide that is available with a pre-installed Ubuntu Touch.

Funding from this Indiegogo campaign will be used to support development and distribution efforts for the Volla Phone, which is expected to be released in early November 2020. The Indiegogo campaign is located on the web at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/volla-phone-free-your-mind-protect-your-privacy#/

Supporters around the world can support the Volla Phone by making generous pledges and contributions via Indiegogo. Pledges start at as little as $10. But for a pledge of $350 or more, unlock other rewards as a token of your support, including one of the first Volla Phones. Some rewards are limited, so do act fast. More information is available on the Indiegogo campaign page.


The Volla Phone is an innovative new smartphone technology and operating system changing how data is shared and protected in the digital age. With the Volla Phone, experience a secure smartphone with a new level of simplicity and instant, intuitive interactions that help you get more done each day.

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