VoIP phone system provider announces SMS/MMS features on all their numbers

New functionality allows customers to send and receive text messages and MMS on their numbers

Remac Enterprise is one of the very few VoIP phone system providers that are always integrating, evolving, and providing customers with better product features and services. The company is proud to announce they just added SMS/MMS feature on all numbers. The latest feature allows customers to send and receive text messages and MMS on their numbers, and make use of softphone like Bria or Linphone as regular cell phone number. Businesses can take advantage of these features to better reach out to their customer base and improve their business activities.

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“Remac Enterprise is a fast growing VoIP provider in the Chicago area. We are always evolving and providing our customers with additional features that will not only increase their business efficiency but also help them make more profit as well. The SMS/MMS feature is something we have been planning for long, and we are excited that our clients can now take advantage of it,” said a representative of Remac Enterprise.

VoIP phone systems offer benefits for small business and other users. With the addition of the latest features, it just gets better. SMS/MMS integration will make it much cheaper to reach clients by SMS which has better marketing impact because the information stays. The feature can also be used for targeted marketing, offering customer service delivery, providing information to clients, and much more.

“Remac has always been the best choice for our VoIP business line operation. The phone lines offer great features and provide us with options to deliver services, communicate with clients, and attend to customer needs. They provide the perfect phone systems specifically built for businesses,” said Amanda K, a customer.

Businesses switching from the company’s traditional phones to VoIP have enjoyed features like deploy and scale instantly, smart PBX, HD voice and video, number manager, virtual fax, etc.

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Remac Enterprises is the fastest growing VoIP systems company in the whole of the Chicago area. They offer VoIP, SIP, and wholesale VoIP with endless possibilities, for business and residential application.

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