VLNLAB Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Creating The World’s First 3-D Printed Viola And Violin

VLNLAB starts campaign on Kickstarter for the first concert quality, 3-D printed violin and viola.

VLNLAB, a pioneer in developing innovative musical instruments by incorporating digital fabrication technologies in its construction process, has announced that a Kickstarter campaign for their 3-D printed violin and viola instrument. The aim is to offer music lovers and students a high-quality concert instrument that can be produced anywhere in the world, inexpensively.

“We are delighted to announce that our campaign for 3-D printed violin and viola is now live on Kickstarter,” says the spokesperson for VLNLAB. “This is a tonally superior instrument that’s 3-D printable and can raise the bar for such learning musical instruments all over the world. Even serious players will find our violins and violas to be of great value because of its superior and flawless construction.”

According to VLNLAB, the project could prove to be a game-changer for student-level instruments the world. The technology used for creating the instrument makes it possible for producing it virtually anywhere. The best part is that it can be made for less than $50 in materials by using inexpensive, open-source 3D printing hardware.

VLNLAB assures that the 3-D printed violin and viola can create the same tonal quality of music as conventional musical instruments. It can easily match the sound quality of a premium musical instrument made of flexible timbre.

The project has gained inspiration from the great 17th century violins and violas of northern Italy and the Tyrol. The instrument can deliver medium to dark sound that can be easily modulated with bow pressure and bow speed. The load won’t interfere with the superior sound quality. The sound quality is as good as that produced by an expensive instrument. VLNLAB is hopeful of hitting their financial goals with the Kickstarter campaign. Success of the campaign will allow them to make the violins and violas available at a very low cost all over the world.

It takes lots of time, care and effort to create conventional violins made of tonewood and there is a lot of wastage of precious wood too in the process. It is also very expensive. Of course, high-arched violins made of cheaper and younger wood are available but they are of low-quality and can warp quickly. Constant adjustments have to be made which is a skill that can take years to master.

VLNLAB aims to create violins and violas that are of consistent top quality and made of environmentally-friendly materials. The risk of bad materials, bad workmanship or manufacturing inconsistencies is eliminated with this 3-D printed instrument. VLNLAB has roped in professional players to give it a playing setup that would find approval even from experienced orchestral players or soloists.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $10,000 to fund the project. There are several incentives lined up for contributors to the campaign. The campaign ends on 10, September, 2017.


VLNLAB has developed the first concert-quality 3D printed violin and viola. The instrument is the brainchild of a lifelong music enthusiast and violist. The project makes use of open-source design to create a tonally superior 3D musical instrument that can be produced anywhere in the world inexpensively.

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