Provides Beginner-Friendly Hosting Services for New Businesses is a company that provides hosting services for new businesses. It offers affordable services that accommodate startup business owners that aim to achieve an optimal and fully functional website.

It is also known for its responsive customer support team that helps clients resolve errors and delays.

What is, and what services does it offer? is a hosting services provider that caters to startup businesses online through affordable and easy to use services. It offers blog hosting services that come in packages, namely, Blog Hosting Starter, Blog Hosting Premium, Blog Hosting Platinum, and Blog Hosting Ultimate. Each package varies in its inclusions depending on the business’s type and size.

 For instance,’s starter package hosts one website, provides one database, unlimited email addresses, and 200 MB of hard disk space. These inclusions are already enough for someone like you to start a blog website. This affordable yet comprehensive package can help you establish your online presence effectively.

Moreover,’s premium package can host three (3) websites, provides two (2) databases, unlimited email addresses, and 500 MB of hard disk space. These inclusions can provide you already with the features you need if you plan to widen your customer reach. If you started as a small startup and begin gaining more substantial site traffic, then you can upgrade your starter to a premium package. It is equally affordable relative to its inclusions.’s platinum package caters to businesses with a large following online. It includes hosting of ten (10) websites, four (4) databases, unlimited email addresses, and 800 MB hard disk space. These inclusions are enough to handle your continuously growing business that can further expand your reach and improve your business profit.

Lastly,’s ultimate package offers a host of an unlimited number of websites, databases, and email addresses. It also provides 1.5 GB hard disk space. At a very affordable price, it can handle your ever-growing business. It is a package that is affordable, economical, and sustainable.

Besides its packages, is also known for its helpful customer support team that responds to client concerns regarding its hosting services. Because of its cutting-edge tools, its customer support team can easily and quickly respond to any issues and delays.

How does help its clients?

Many of’s clients share their experience with the company’s services. One startup business owner shared, “I did not know anything about hosting services until I browsed online and looked for a reliable provider. However, many of the websites that I initially visited overwhelmed me with their technical and jargon-filled explanation of its services. It was really challenging for me. I did not have anyone to consult with, and I had to study everything on my own. Fortunately, I came across’s site. Through their website, I learned why hosting services are vital to my online business.”

The client further adds, “Upon checking too, I learned how affordable’s services are, as compared to other providers. The prices made me doubt its reliability since it seemed too good to be true. However, upon further checking its clients’ feedback, I saw that many have tried, and they all had pleasing results. So, I thought that it would not hurt to try since their services are affordable. Now, I would always be grateful that I took the chance to try their services. I have now upgraded my package twice, and my business is continuously growing. I will be forever grateful!”’s clients who shared their efficient and optimal experience with the company found the services easy to understand, affordable, and reliable.

Why is the availing of hosting services vital to establishing a business online?

There are many free hosting services online. However, having the ability to host your own website has proved to be more efficient and effective in expanding your business’s reach. When you avail of paid web hosting services like’s, you get to have better visibility in search engine results. Besides a broader customer base, a web hosting services provider can also help you with your website’s functionalities and features.

Avail of one of’s packages by visiting its website at For your concerns, suggestions, and questions, send an email to, so one of its customer support staff can accommodate your needs.

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