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JC Singer (not his real name) is the proud owner and manager of Moon Gold Car Repairs in Texas. It’s amazing enough that a college dropout was able to transform himself into a successful entrepreneur, but what’s even more inspiring is the pains that JC took to get himself to where he is.

JC’s passion for cars started in his childhood turf in Monterey, California. Monterey is one of the few places in the US that is famous for having a significant population of classic cars. His grandfather, Frank Loper (not his real name), was a renowned mechanic in town.

“Pops” Frank, as classic-car collectors knew him, made a name for himself as the go-to guy for fixing and restoring iconic classic American cars. Young JC often watched his grandfather work on those beautiful, but aging machines and the interest rubbed off on him at a very early age.

In his teens, JC moved to Texas with his mother. Although he carried his fascination with cars with him, he actually knew little about doing car repairs. He realized that knowing little about the ins-and-outs of cars will be the biggest hindrance to realizing his dream of becoming an accomplished automobile mechanic. But instead of discouraging him, it motivated him more. At an early age, he started working as a help at a local garage where he could be close to cars.

Aside from repairing cars, JC also developed a love for reading and writing anything about automobiles. He started honing his skills with car manuals and repair guides because the pictures and diagrams helped him understand the technical language. He moved up to car magazines and, sometimes, even engineering and technical references.

He watched the mechanics do their work and he was never afraid to ask questions, even if he only had a crude knowledge of the car parts’ names in the beginning. He kept a notebook where he practiced writing what new things he learned about repairs and the background of the cars the shop mechanics were working on.

His perseverance started to pay off. JC became fluent with “car speak” relatively fast and his writing became quite impressive, considering his early situation. He quit attending the local community college and instead moved to a technical school offering short vocational programs. The school gave him automotive service technician training as well as some credits for business management. He obtained the necessary certifications and licenses.

He continued to work at the same local garage as an apprentice and then later on as a bona fide working mechanic. He eventually became the head mechanic, and soon started earning a reputation as a repair expert on classic cars.

Then, the biggest opportunity came JC’s way. The owner of the repair shop that JC worked for retired and the business was put up for sale. It was an easy decision for JC. He managed to take out a loan and bought the business. After years of struggle and constant challenges, JC is now a business owner and entrepreneur.

But JC knew it was not the time to rest, as there were bigger challenges along the way. He’s particularly keen on promoting his garage online, which would allow his business to rise over increasing competition. But voracious learner that he was, JC knew that putting up a static website would not do.

He needed a website that not only showcased his company’s repair services, but more importantly, a site that would establish his company’s credibility and offer customers a high-value proposition. Moon Gold Car Repairs needed a blog site and an appropriate web host to support it. For that crucial role, JC chose the services of is a blog-hosting solutions provider and its service offerings provide all the necessary capabilities to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to hold and manage their blog sites.

But why would businessmen like JC prefer a blog type of website over any other kind of website?

The answer is that search engines like Google love text-based content. Search queries are almost always in word form. In ranking search results, the algorithms of search engines seek out the more relevant and most recent words associations in the written content of websites.

JC availed one of’s premium blog-hosting services. The service allowed him to host his business site, along with two other sites that linked to the main site. The other two are an automobile parts and supply website and an auto-detailing services website.

In reality, all three services were just under one roof, but online, JC was able to spread out his business’s major services into three distinct websites. He regularly updates all three with product and service descriptions, current repair project highlights, tips and instructions on car repair and maintenance, and other car-themed blogs that he writes himself.

The goal was to give Moon Gold Car Repairs not only a larger umbrella to catch visitors and potential customers, but also, more importantly, a higher placement in search rankings. JC was savvy enough to execute this plan, but it would have not been possible without’s high-quality blog-hosting services.

Thanks to, JC is able to maintain a brisk business for Moon Gold Car Repairs, and he is certain he has made his grandfather proud.

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