Virtual Job Swan Reaches Monumental Milestone: 10,000 Job Placements in Less Than a Year.

Virtual Job Swan in the USA, the innovative virtual staffing agency, is proud to announce a remarkable achievement. In just ten short months of operation, they have successfully assisted over 10,000 individuals in securing employment opportunities in the rapidly evolving landscape of remote work-from-home, hybrid, and traditional brick-and-mortar environments.

This milestone is not only a testament to their commitment but also a reflection of their unparalleled dedication to making meaningful connections between job seekers and employers. At Virtual Job Swan, they have redefined the staffing industry by offering a unique approach, and they’re proud to stand out as a leading name in the field.

Swift Service and Diverse Solutions

What sets Virtual Job Swan apart is their exceptional speed and efficiency in job placements. With a remarkable turnaround time of 24 hours to one week, they ensure that job seekers can quickly find the right fit for their career goals and employers can swiftly meet their staffing needs.

Proven Track Record

Virtual Job Swan has proven its worth in the industry by successfully placing top talent across diverse industries. They have optimized resumes and tailored our services to candidates, helping them thrive in remote, hybrid, or traditional work environments. Their commitment to the candidates and clients shines through in their unparalleled track record.

About Virtual Job Swan

Virtual Job Swan a leading staffing agency, is making waves in the employment industry by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to assist job seekers in securing remote and traditional job opportunities. Through a transformative approach that includes resume optimization and AI-driven ATS (Applicant Tracking System) scans, Virtual Job Swan has successfully facilitated the employment of over 10,000 individuals in less than a year, redefining the job-seeking landscape. Virtual Job Swan is a forward-thinking staffing agency that utilizes a combination of hands-on human interactions and methods alongside artificial intelligence to revolutionize the job-seeking process. They are committed to bridging the gap between job seekers and employers by leveraging the capabilities of AI,” said CEO Keana Howell. “Our goal is to empower individuals with the tools they need to secure meaningful employment, whether it’s in remote work settings or traditional environments.”

Virtual Job Swan stands out in the industry with their exceptional speed and efficiency in job placements, boasting a remarkable turnaround time of 24 hours to one week. In addition to their swift service, they are open to various business partnerships, including referral fees, split fees, permanent, and contract placements, catering to the diverse staffing needs of companies. Demonstrating a proven track record in successfully placing top talent across diverse industries & optimizing resumes & tailoring services to candidates to assist in remote, hybrid, or traditional environments.

To learn more about their seamless placement process and explore partnership opportunities, please contact Keana Howell, CEO, at

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