Vinyl Flooring Gives Hardwood and Carpet a Run for the Money

Thirty per cent of homeowners say that the flooring is the thing they hate most about their homes, according to vinyl flooring contractors.

LV Hardwood Flooring helps homeowners to transform their homes by scrapping old carpets and introducing vinyl flooring.

A spokesman for the company said: “It is amazing that so many people are unhappy with the floors in their homes, when it can be so easy to make some changes and totally transform a space, or the whole house.

“And for those who are looking to sell their homes, changing the floors can increase the value of the house substantially.

“Vinyl flooring has become a ‘go-to’ option for people changing their floors because it is attractive, quiet under foot, quick and easy to fit and it doesn’t cost a fortune like hardwood floors.

“We find vinyl flooring is really popular with families. If the kids spill something on the floor or trapse mud in from the garden, or the dog decides to run through the house after a walk, then a vinyl floor is much easier to clean than carpets.

“Vinyl flooring is often not considered because people are worried it won’t last very long. But many people are surprised to hear that vinyl flooring could last up to 20 years if it fitted properly and well maintained,” he added.

Another big draw for vinyl flooring doesn’t collect dust in the same way carpet does, so it is appealing for people who suffer with allergies. It is easy to sterilize or clean. This is why it used in healthcare settings.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof and resistant to moisture, so it can be the perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. And unlike hardwood flooring, it doesn’t get cold in the winter, so it is comfortable for people to have in their homes all year round.

“We tend to find a lot of our customers will dress up vinyl flooring with trendy rugs, which means they can change their style or color scheme more often than they can if they had a carpet fitted, which would be a major job to replace.

“Vinyl flooring comes in a range of different colors and designs, so homeowners can create whichever look they want – from a stone look in the kitchen to all kinds of wood looks,” he added

LV Hardwood Flooring specializes in the fitting, repair and maintenance of hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors.

There are three different methods for installing vinyl floors – vinyl sheets are glued down, vinyl tiles come with peel and stick backs and vinyl planks have a tongue and groove mechanism, so they snap together. Each method will create a different look. Most people lay their flooring on lightly sanded plywood of smooth concrete floors.

About LV Hardwood Flooring

LV Hardwood Flooring, based in North York, specialize in fitting and repairing hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring, and fitting wall coverings. The company has a team of highly trained fitters who offer customers a reliable and hassle-free experience when changing the flooring in their homes.

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