Villa Partnering With Young Talents to Create Good Music and Launch Careers

After starting his record label in 2019, he’s partnered with a number of artists who have recorded and released songs. He’s ready to use all the tools and resources available to help people succeed

Villa announces partnership with musical talents and artists for great and successful projects. The artist, who was born and raised in New York City, started out as an entrepreneur before venturing into music.  

Since setting up his label in 2019, he has partnered up with a producer named Dundeal and TChalla and bought a studio in Atlanta called Deaf Star studios. This move is a result of his business sense and ability to make smart decisions that leads to successful execution.  

His desire for working and partnering with young artists is to help them express their talents so they can have a shot at fame and fortune.  

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There are so many talented and young artists all over America. Due to the very challenging conditions in the industry, many of them are unable to break out of their shell. There is a need for visionary record label owners to come up with ideas and partner with these young people for the progress of the entire industry.  

Villa is a record label owner partnering with young music talent to record songs, so they can launch their careers. In his studio, rappers like Young Thug, Migos, and Mulatto can be found recording their latest tracks. When he first started the record label he signed Swav6, an energetic and creative singer and rapper. He also signed a producer named Trizzil Bangin, who has been the brain behind some of the most engaging and mind-blowing beats and rhythms coming out of his studio. 

The entire process has been very encouraging because of the progress he has achieved so far.  Villa has been inspired by everything that has been going on and working on swav6 next EP release. He has also been working on his music for fun. So he should be having a couple of singles dropping soon. His first drop will be a song with trizzil Bangin called “grippin“. The song is dope already, causing so much excitement in the studio and among his circle of friends.  

Everything Villa does is about developing people and using available resources to help talents find their foot. As an artist, label owner, and entrepreneur, he’s committed to using his wisdom and experience to grow talents and push the music industry forward.

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