Viewium Launches To Reinvent The Global Social Platform System By Bringing Blockchain Into Play

Groundbreaking Web3 blockchain platform, Viewium, officially launches to bridge the gap between the film industry and the crypto space by paying people to watch and create video content

The team at Viewium, led by the forward-thinking Chris Larenz, looks set to chart a new course in the world of entertainment by bringing blockchain into the crypto space in a unique way. Viewium was created as a user-friendly ecosystem that enables members to earn for creating or watching video content, rewarding creatives for their intellect and movie lovers for their time.

Blockchain technology has undoubtedly impacted the way businesses across industries operate. The entertainment sector is not an exception to the rule, with companies looking to leverage its unique features and functionalities to enhance the experience of different stakeholders. However, it is looking like better days are in sight for content creators and their fans with the emergence of the disruptive Viewium ecosystem.

Viewium is introducing the watch-and-earn model to reward users of the platform for watching videos while paying content creators for their efforts, using the $View tokens utility. The secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform is revolutionary, practically opening up the content creation industry and demonopolizing the sector to enable content creators and viewers to collect reward capital without the so-called bigwigs dictating the tune.

A total of 1 billion $View tokens, functional utility tokens within the Viewium platform, will be available for supply. The presale of $View will be launched in Q3 2022, with 50% of the total supply available to interested persons. Content creators are paid in $View tokens, with several monetization mechanisms in the content plan. Viewium also offers an avenue for businesses to reach their target audience, advertising their brand and leveraging the growing population of the platform.

There are also plans for PancakeSwap Launch, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing, Website V2 Launch, and a host of other exciting and rewarding initiatives to enhance the experience of different categories of users of Viewium.

For further information about Viewium and to be a part of the crypto-video content revolutionary movement, visit – Viewium can also be found across different social media platforms, including TelegramTwitter, and Instagram.

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