Viet Eat’s Pho & Bun Now Has Extended Hours of Operation from Monday until Sunday

The city of London certainly does not disappoint when it comes to the diversity of its food and food establishments, and one such establishment which has catered to the most selective and picky of diners is Viet Eat and its sister restaurant, Pho & Bun. At Viet Eat and Pho & Bun, patrons are promised an array of delicious and authentic Vietnamese dishes, all served fresh. And now, Pho & Bun promises extended operating hours as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – Vietnamese food has garnered plenty of fans around the world who delight in its fusion of fresh flavours and herbs and spices as well as delectable meats and seafood. Pho is a noodle dish which is synonymous with Vietnamese cuisine, and while one can easily find it most anywhere in Vietnam, it can be difficult for selective customers to find the authentic taste in cities other than where it originated. This isn’t true for the city of London, however, which has been home to Viet Eat and Pho & Bun for years. In fact, for those who are looking for the real taste of Vietnam without paying a hefty price, Viet Eat and Pho & Bun are the ideal choices. 

London residents and even tourists to the area have been flocking to the Vietnamese dining institutions of Viet Eat and Pho & Bun where they can satisfy their palates with traditional Vietnamese specialities such as different kinds of Pho dishes, grilled meat and seafood, Banh Mi sandwiches, salads, and more. And today, Pho & Bun is guaranteed to satisfy even more diners and customers with its extended operating hours.

The opening hours of Pho & Bun are now extended throughout the week, with its doors opening from Monday to Thursday at 12 noon to 11 in the evening and on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 11:30 in the evening. Pho & Bun is open on Sundays as well, and its operating hours are from noon until 10 in the evening.

With its extended opening hours, more diners and hungry customers can satisfy their craving for delicious and tasty Vietnamese food at any time. Diners can also make reservations online with both Viet Eat and Pho & Bun, which is a service that comes in especially handy if patrons are planning suppers or lunches with friends and family.

About the company:

Viet Eat’s authentic Vietnamese specialities in London have drawn plenty of diners and satisfied customers over the years. It offers everything from Banh Mi to Pho noodle dishes which are all guaranteed fresh and affordable as well. For more info on this Vietnamese restaurant in London, visit the Viet Eat website.

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