Victoria Menowitz – the Seven Year Old Piano Prodigy Taking the Internet by Storm

Young, talented pianist, Victoria Menowitz, continues to make waves on the internet with her amazing piano playing skills

Victoria Menowitz is unlike any other 7-year-old girl and while her look might not necessarily portray this, the talented piano player has continued to dazzle lovers of piano and good music as a whole with her spectacular gift – piano playing. Victoria’s popularity on the internet has grown in recent times with her YouTube Channel garnering lots of subscribers by the day and her YouTube videos getting increasing number of views by the minute.

The music world has evolved over the years as musicians, performers, and other such stakeholders in the industry using their creativity to thrill their fans in different parts of the world. The advent of the internet and emergence of several online platforms, particularly the social media, has made it easier for entertainers to reach their target audience and lovers of entertain to access their favorite content regardless of their location across the globe. One of such talents that have benefited from the internet and its features is Victoria Menowitz.

Victoria’s performances on the piano have earned that all the accolades she is currently getting on the internet as she continues to use her spectacular gift to treat music lovers worldwide to great sounds.

Currently, Victoria’s most popular video is her rendition of Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor, Op. In the video, Victoria performed the song written 170 years, and published 130 years, before she was born. The video as well as other performances from Victoria reiterates the fact that the 7-year old is a true testament to how music is the universal language, and a key to unlocking sounds from past generations.

Other classics she has performed include Friedrich Kuhlau’s Sonatina in C Major Op. 55 No. 3, and Bürgmuller’s La Styrienne.

Victoria Menowitz can be found under “Ones to Watch” in the genre of classical music, and her name can be simply searched on YouTube to enjoy her amazing performances and subscribe to her channel. The world can only expect more from this talented act and the sky seems to be the starting point for a lady this talented at the tender age of 7.

Stay tuned over the years as Victoria Menowitz evolves into a young woman who has mastered her craft.

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