Veymax X3 Series Electric Skateboards Released

Veymax X3 Series Electric Skateboards Released
Veymax Board X3
Explore unknown, Pursue freedom, Making everything possible. The electric skateboard X3 series is an entry-level electric longboard specially launched by Veymax. It is affordable, and its battery life and attention to detail are very attractive.

Veymax is an innovative brand of electric skateboards, and the X3 series are their entry-level e-boards launched in 2023 with affordable prices. It’s hard to find another option in this price range that’s as well-equipped with features and features. Veymax’s X3 line of electric skateboards really show their sincerity, the impressive motor power, battery life and attention to detail is very attractive.

Veymax is called “Born for Freedom”, and their latest product is the Veymax X3 series of electric skateboards, which are available in standard and high-end versions. It features high-quality construction materials, durable batteries, and a rugged, high-performance design that make this electric skateboard both capable and fun in terms of functionality and user experience.

Durable, sturdy, and fully equipped

Fully functional Veymax Board X3 at affordable prices is a surprise.

The launch of the veymax X3 has been well received in the eskate industry, with many experts and influencers praising the eboard.

First, let’s take a look at the technical specifications of the Veymax X3 series electric skateboard.

The deck of the Veymax X3 Pro is made of two layers of bamboo, two layers of Canadian maple, and two layers of fiberglass, providing strong load-bearing capacity, great flexibility, and lightweight portability.

Deck Material of  Veymax X3 Pro

The 37.8-inch deck is mounted on four large (105x65mm) shock-absorbing wheels and a 45-degree, 7-inch steering frame.

At the bottom, the Veymax X3 Pro is equipped with a removable Samsung 336 Wh battery that can be fully charged in 3 hours, allowing you to ride approximately 18 miles (28 kilometers). The range varies depending on the road conditions, slope, and rider’s weight.

The Veymax X3 Pro has a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds (150 kilograms) and can handle inclines of up to 30%.

The remote control is easy to use and takes about 40 minutes to charge. It provides maximum freedom to control your riding status. It features a throttle wheel, an LCD with functions and settings, a power button, function keys, a USB-C charging port, and a display screen that shows the remote control’s battery status, total distance, single trip distance, highest speed, front/back settings, speed mode, brake mode, and real-time speed.

The Veymax X3 Pro has an IPX55 waterproof rating, which protects it from splashing water from any angle. This means you have more options for usage scenarios.

Riding experience is excellent, best choice for an electric skateboard under $500.

Before the release of the Veymax X3 series, many eSkaters had the opportunity to experience this e-board.

Reviews such as “easy to operate, smooth ride”, “strong battery life, fast charging”, “minimal vibration, quiet ride” and more have shown that the Veymax X3 series provides an exceptional riding experience.

With an incredibly low price, the Veymax X3 series electric skateboard aims to surprise and delight users who love electric skateboarding. Veymax hopes to encourage more people to join the eka8 community and experience the joy of this sport.

Currently, the Veymax Online Shop offers promotional activities for the newly launched products, allowing you to purchase the Veymax X3 and Veymax X3 Pro for less than $500.

New Launch of Veymax X3

Compared to other similar products, the Veymax X3 series electric skateboard offers remarkable technical specifications at an exceptional value.

In the future, Veymax plans to release more electric skate board products that combine technological advantages with competitive prices. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, the Veymax X3 series electric skateboards will provide you with a delightful riding experience.

About Veymax

Explore unknown, Pursue freedom, Making everything possible. VeyMax provide cooler, reliable, convenient, fun travel and lifestyle for users living in cities.

Veymax is a brand that specializes in electric skateboards. They are dedicated to innovating in terms of technology and materials in order to provide a better skateboarding experience for enthusiasts. We strives to continuously improve both technical performance and user experience, aiming to create superior products for skateboard enthusiasts.

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