Veymax: An Electric Skateboard Brand with Beginner-friendly Products

Veymax: An Electric Skateboard Brand with Beginner-friendly Products
Veymax electric skateboard
In July 2023, Veymax released a cost-effective “people-friendly” electric skateboard, priced at less than $500, breaking people’s perception of electric skateboards.

In the late 1950s, an ordinary resident named Linde Frank in Southern California fixed a 50cm-long wooden board on an iron pulley, and the world’s first skateboard was born. In those days, it was seen as a pre-surf warm-up and post-surf entertainment.

In the following decades, this niche sports product has been dominated by the first few established brands, who define the product and appearance. Electric skateboards are regarded as “luxury products” in people’s perception, and consumers often only have two choices, either to buy high-end products that cost $2,000 or more, or to buy shoddy “bad goods”.

This year, Veymax also officially joined the industry, releasing a cost-effective “people-friendly” electric skateboard in July 2023, priced at less than $500.

Veymax electric skateboard with remote

Being in a niche category, how can Veymax gain a foothold in the market for a long time? And how to carry out supply chain transformation and technology iteration?

Make products from the perspective of users, and complete iterations by scene division

At present, most electric skateboards on the market are still in an immature or even “incorrect” state. There are many fatal problems in the operation of these products, such as disconnected batteries, uncontrollable skateboards, motors falling off, and downhill. Overheating shutdown etc.

Unable to accurately understand the pain points and needs of users, design defects and immature supply chain are common problems of the entire electric skateboard track. Therefore, Veymax decided to make a product that can solve the above problems at a low cost.

Veymax is currently launching the X series of electric skateboards. Compared with high-priced brands, although the appearance details are insufficient, many parameters such as battery life and maximum speed are far better than those of big brands. The lowest price of Veymax is only 499 US dollars. It’s not the best product, but it’s the best product available to beginners.

Achieve the ultimate product breakthrough

In fact, even for a relatively “simple” supply chain product like electric skateboards, Veymax’s R&D investment in improving some parts far exceeds that of its peers, even regardless of the cost.

At the same time, we are still working on a driver that allows users to use the same set of boards in different terrain scenarios. That is to say, a skateboard can meet different use scenarios, and only need to change the wheels. It is reported that although there are brands in the market today, skateboards are usually driven by belts, which are not suitable for off-road scenes, and the range of replaceable wheels is limited. These are common problems in the industry at present.

Riding a veymax board

This year Veymax is expected to launch a new and higher-end belt-driven electric skateboard, which can completely solve the switching between the two scenes. And considering the rapid changes in the market, Veymax is also constantly strengthening its insight into consumer needs, and strives to grasp the real demands and mainstream preferences of future users in real time.

Veymax believes that if the scale is small, it is impossible to change the supplier’s specification supply and reduce the marginal cost of mold input. Therefore, in many investments, I hope that I have passed the compromise period, and I am getting closer to the better and correct way of making products step by step.

Insist on making cost-effective products

In fact, electric skateboards with remote are in a state of moving from a “big toy” to a big market. The competition in the entire market is in a state of fierceness, and most brands are scrambling to release explosive products.

At present, the entire market is looking for more correct ways to reduce marginal costs. Benefiting from the development of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, brand owners also hope for major breakthroughs in materials, motors, and other technologies.

Veymax hopes to make an electric skateboard with lighter weight, stronger power, more comfortable foot feel, and longer battery life. It accumulates experience at every point, and when there is a breakthrough in market technology, it can quickly exert force. Looking around, Veymax is a clear stream compared with some current trendy brands. For example, among the same type of electric skateboards, some tend to use “novel and unique” appearance design and cool style as selling points, and some innovate in the shape of the wheels, and also add functions such as spotlights and deceleration reminders.

But Veymax hopes that more people can experience the fun of electric skateboards, and use the advantages of the supply chain to popularize it to more people. On the one hand, adhere to the original intention of being cost-effective; on the other hand, cover more users by continuously enriching the product line.

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