“Veterans Live Event” by MAWF.org is scheduled for Dec 28th At XSpace Studios, Burbank, CA

MAWF.org is excited to announce the launch of the “Veterans Live Event.” The event will be happening on 12/28/23 from 5 PM to 9 PM at XSpace Studios in Burbank, CA. It is an event to honor the Veterans and to promote the well-being & care of the heroes. 

With this exclusive event for veterans, MAWF.org  aims to show them appreciation for their service while having an amazing, unforgettable time at the unveiling of never-before-seen art by artist Mike McNeilly. Anyone in the world can attend the Veterans Live Event via a LIVE stream. Many of the Veterans from the VA in Brentwood will be in attendance at this first-of-its-kind event.

With this live event, MAWF.org’s goal is to raise awareness and money for the cause of helping Veterans receive the resources they need. MAWF.org has started a Massive Treasure Hunt throughout the city of Los Angeles. Artist Mike McNeilly donated $2.5 million of his original hand-painted works of art to help MAWF.org with its Guerilla Art Marketing Campaign all over Los Angeles. The marketing campaign will continue all month long up until the event.

MAWF.org has also collaborated with Calvet.ca.gov, New Directions for Homeless Veterans at ndvets.org, and VeteranshomeLA.org.

Samantha McNeilly from MAWF.org  said, “We need to help our veterans. Our goal is to go so big that LA doesn’t know what to do other than give us their attention. We can help the Veterans get the funds they need in a massive way. We want to invite you personally to the private party for the Veterans on the 28th of this month. If you can attend the event in person, great if not, you can still attend via the LIVE Stream Virtual Event.”

MAWF.org  is making a difference for those who fought for the country and its freedoms. With the help of attendees, MAWF.org aims to transform the Veterans Live Event into something special and bring a massive change that is needed to help the Veterans. MAWF.org would love to have everyone at the event, in person or virtually.

Event Details:

Event name: Veterans Live Event

Event Date: 12/28/23

Event Time: 5 PM to 9 PM

Event Location: XSpace Studios in Burbank, CA, USA

RSVP at: https://www.mawf.org/event

For more details about the Veterans Live Event, reach out to Samantha McNeilly at Samantha_mcneilly@icloud.com.

To learn more about MAWF.org, visit https://mawf.org/

Watch “The Art Experience Unveiling, By The Godfather of Street Art. Mike McNeilly” on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrJ_r-cGIPI

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