Venezuelan Refugees Leading Spanish Christian Music Reneissance

“Hector Rodriguez recording in Houston, Texas”
By: Naomi Rodriguez

Houston, Texas – Houston this summer is becoming the epicenter of a Christian music movement influenced by Latino artists.  The influx of refugees from Venezuela escaping a repressive regime hostile to Christians is sparking an awakening of the Latino Christian music scene.

Among the leaders of this movement is Hector Rodriguez a vocalist and composer from Venezuela lauded as one of the best in the genre.

“We are looking to extend our influence beyond Venezuela and Latin America into the United States which welcomes our message”, said Rodriguez at a recent event that hosted top Latino Christian music talent.

Rodriguez has twice led vocals for Latin Grammy nominated Best Christian Album in Spanish. In 2010 Rodriguez was a composer and lead backing singer for the album “Tienes Que Creer” by Monica Rodriguez which in that year won the Grammy Award for Best Christian Album (Spanish). 

Rodriguez has composed music for Venezuela’s top females singers incuding Irlanda Becerra and Monica Rodriguez.

Hector Rodriguez is part of the record label Grupo CanZion Latin America’s most important Christian music label led by multiple Grammy winning artist Marcos Witt.  CanZion has helped facilitate the growth of Venezuelan artists in the United States by signing them to their label and organizing concerts including at Lakewood Church the largest congregation in the United States.

This summer Rodriguez is scheduled to perform in Houston and Miami while at the same time organizing Venezuelan singers to create a coalition of refugees to help their compatriots in Venezuela.

“I think we have a duty to spread the Gospel of Christ through our music, but also find ways to aid our brother and sisters in Venezuela who  are suffering great repression”.

Rodriguez along with other Venezuelan artists such as Christian Sebastia, Irlanda Becerra and Monica Rodriguez are seen as the Moses of their people commissioned to lead their country to a more promising future through their hopeful music. 

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