Vegan/Nutrition Expert Carla Lee Johnston Debuted her NutBurgers on CNBC’s “West Texas Investors Club.”

West, TX – Carla Lee Johnston’s NutBurgers were a huge hit on with CNBC’s Season Finale of West Texas Investors Club, with live streams voting the episode, “best episode ever.” The episode, which aired on August 3rd, was such a huge success and orders for these amazing NutBurgers are still coming in! Carla, who founded a revolutionary recipe for her famous NutBurgers, traveled to meet meat lovin’ Investors Butch and Rooster so they could see if she could pass the challenge to make a deal to invest in her company.

If you watched the episode then you witnessed how the meat-eating carnivores of Midland, TX went NUTZZZ for NutBurgers. In just shy of 3 years, her “love in a box” is now in 36 states and over 2,000 stores. These amazing burgers, NutBalls and NutTacos are one of a kind as they are nut-based and completely organic. Butch and Rooster, who are self-made millionaires, loved Carla’s NutBurgers but did they love them enough to be swayed to leave the cattle business and jump onto a vegan lifestyle? Check out the episode from August 3rd in the links below and find out if Carla was able to wrangle an investment from Butch & Rooster.

What struck the heartchords of the viewers wasn’t even Investor/Song Writer Gil Prather serenading Carla on the back of his ol Ford F250, “for her heart and her moxy,” which was a tear jerker, it was her Benevolent Enterprise Model that is about walking her talk about feeding hungry hearts and tummies by dedicating 50% of their profits, “so we can all live in a world where there’s enough.”

You see the episode on CNBC’s website ( or iTunes under the title, Natural Born Chillers.

About Carla Lee Johnston: Raw. Unfiltered. Evolutionary.

Carla Lee Johnston, Evolutionary Expert, Foodpreuner and Humanitarian, Founder of Carla Lee’s NutBurgers. Carla is a front-line warrior serving humanity as a “nuttin but love from Mama Earth” food manufacturer committed to the new heart-centered unity-based Benevolent Enterprise model – BE – putting humanity’s highest good before profits; giving back 50% of net profits to feeding hungry hearts and tummies.

Sharing unfiltered truth as radio & National TV guest, Speaker, author, and documentary film-maker committed to connecting the dots to a food industry that’s gone sour — adding back the missing ingredient — love — in pursuit of empowering with unbiased knowledge so WE can reclaim our power – with sovereignty to co-create a sustainable future worth choosing.

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