VCX3 – The Ultimate All-In-One Web Analytics Tool, Launched

VCX3 offers website statistics, heatmap, and backlink checks to help business owners make an informed decision.

VCX³ is a SaaS (Software as a service) that offers an end-to-end solution for website owners to manage their web statistics. The SaaS tool is perfect for businesses to have all-in-one efficiency in managing websites with accuracy. It ensures accessibility to real-time statistics, heatmaps, backlink-check, page speed-check, and more. It uses no cookies and no IP is saved anywhere, which protects website visitors’ data which is extremel;y critical in today’s environment. 

The launch of VCX³ is also helpful to seamlessly have campaign tracking, bounce rates, and file downloads of websites. This high-end launch tool and next-level Google analytics alternative tool works without cookies. It’s an easy integration tool that standardizes website management and evaluates the right statistics with one line of code. 

With its launch, Marcus Schmidt, the CEO of VCX³ Company, stated that; “we wanted to make this tool as easy as possible with all important information at a glance. We understand that websites are business critical, but only very few people have the ability to understand what is happening on their website.”

VCX³ loyal client; Alexander Ley said, “This tool looks very promising! All information relevant to me is clearly displayed.”

This all-in-one web analytics tool is the best google analytics alternative that gives the complete picture of the traffic, user behavior, and actions taken on a website, without using cookies or saving any IP addresses.

Some of the key features of VCX³ include : 

1. An intuitive dashboard,  with more than 50 movable/scalable portlets that can be customers to meet individual needs. Users can create their own dashboard and get all the key information they need at a glance

2. Heat Maps that give a clear idea of the website areas where the visitors are interacting more (and less). 

3. Backlinks feature to keep an eye on the quantity and quantity of backlinks links pointing to a website which ultimately helps with ranking on google search.

4. Security and Privacy. No cookies are used, and no personal information is logged. The users get complete privacy and peace of mind.  

5. Campaign Tracking and Shopping Cart Tracking feature that allows tracking visitors’ sources and how frequently they leave their shopping carts, so that website owners can identify and solve the problems. 

The most significant site metrics are collected thoroughly by VCX3 to provide clear knowledge of strengths and limitations. so that the owner of the website can decide how best to boost its performance. in one location.

The system keeps track of all site visitors, but notably, those made for business. A website owner can benefit from knowing which businesses have visited their site if they have this information, and reach back to them to discuss new opportunities. 

VCX³ comes with a 30 days free trial and is simple to use the plugin for WordPress users. It even needs no technical background to use for the website. The innovative SaaS is even functional for the detection of mobile devices (down to model name), cart tracking campaign-tracking, and organic keywords detection to lead websites. The tool ensures an intuitive dashboard that helps in the customization of data and effective website performance.

Everything a website owner needs to keep up with rivals and flourish with their website is available in VCX3.

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About The VCX³ Company.

VCX³ is a SaaS portal developed by “dai-komio e.k.” – a team of professional web developers. The company today is well known for its highly scalable software, web statistics check tools, and plugins. 

The company is based in Ahrensfelde, Brandenburg, Germany, and the team is dedicated to working on the VCX³ project from 2020-2021. However, the final release of the VCX³ web statistics tool was done in March 2022, after multiple test phases. With a more futuristic approach, the portal is ready to give wings to upcoming ideas/features of SaaS tools.

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